The Unopened Letter

You might remember that my Grandmother passed away the week after my birthday. It wasn’t until the day after I got home that my aunt arrived and we were talking about things that my birthday even came up. She said I must be glad I’d gotten my cards – she’d been with my grandmother and they’d sent them together. Only the mail lady here might be the  least concerned mail lady on the planet, and it hadn’t arrived yet.

A week later I returned home and MK had found it and saved it for me. It was so surreal seeing Gram’s squiggly cursive addressed to me. It was enough. I shoved the card in a drawer and held out a day or two before telling friends I even had it. It is so stupid, honestly, that I can’t open the thing. It’s going to say “Happy Birthday, Love, Grandma”. And wasn’t the whole lesson about how unsure life can be? It’d be pretty ironic for me to wait and then for it to be too late, if you catch my meaning. Because it’s not in my immediate plans. At first I was thinking my next birthday, then I though when I was 30, then 50. There’s no good time to get the last note from someone.  

We have so little of our sentimental things with us I just needed something to hold on to. For a while I brought a little bookmark that she’d given me everywhere- it said “I love you” on it, until I almost lost it on a plane flight and almost broke my neck crawling under the seat while people stared at me. So you can’t go running around with something like that if it is all you have.

The seal of the card is starting to come loose, so I packed it very carefully. And I’ll try to open it- some day.

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Delicious Humble Pie

I keep thinking that I’m running a great website. That I spend time on it, and create content that keeps you coming back for more. Yesterday, computer running all fast and new, I reread my entire blog back to front.

I’m sorry.

If you’ve been here since then, my bad. I got a little too worried about finding you pictures. I should write you stories. It’s nice to know exactly where I hit my stride -about 20 pages ago. Too bad there are 150 pages. I’m a slow learner. There’s a little bit of funny mixed up in there, but there’s a lot of trial and error internet junk. I’m going to work on that.

I am so glad I do have this space to log our journeys and adventures – rereading all about my New Zealand trip brought back a ton of great memories. I tend to forget all the little things very easily these days, which has me all the more determined to do a better job of storytelling here.  I also get a little sick and tired of packing and moving, but was reminded yesterday that there is no reason I shouldn’t feel like the luckiest chick in the world to have such a fun if at times tumultuous life.

I’m pretty excited about the new header RD made just for me- surely you’ve noticed it by now. I’m going to think of robot fighting chickens every time I write, and that should spice this place up a little bit.

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I met dooce last night! This is the giant exciting post (that Mom said don’t bother with).  

 Reread my previous entry about dooce here.

Let's go meet dooce!

Let's go meet dooce!

TB is a super big fan. She noticed dooce was here for a book signing. We braved a winter storm warning, had a delicious Lebanese dinner, and went to the reading. It’s tough to collectively frame all my thoughts the day after, but I’ll do my best.

TB gets the bits I don’t get, obviously- I don’t have a baby. It’s amazing to see all the women that can relate – there was an awesome turnout (more people than will ever even buy the book I’m never going to publish, never mind want to MEET me!).

Super excited fan yo!

Super excited fan yo!

I’m more interested in the blogging your life stories. I could see writing on cnet or even Yahoo!, but I have a hard time truly opening up and telling y’all stories sometimes. That lady has it ALL out there, and for a million people she’s never met. That’s just plain crazy to me! She made it look so easy, no big thing. Her reading was something I could never do, not with 12 family members staring up at me!

Talking about sex in front of her parents...

Talking about sex in front of her parents...piece of cake

We headed over to the King’s English, a super adorable book store I want to own one day and sit around reading in, and got our books signed. TB was so nervous that later in the car she was sure she said something creepy, but her filter was on, she only gushed the just right amount. I couldn’t think of anything to say (dude, people brought her gifts, that threw me) but did tell her husband outside that he does an awesome job programming. That was all I could think of.

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Mom Says Don’t Bother

So Mom calls and is all like “I’m your Mom, you have to tell me what the super post is going to be about tomorrow.” (See bottom of last entry.)

And I told her. Apparently, since it does not involve grandbabies, buying a house, or a winning lottery ticket, she thinks I should not have announced such a trivial news story headline. She got off the phone PDQ, with a melodramatic and disappointed tone.

I understand. If you don’t come back tomorrow, it’s fine. Whatever. I’m excited.

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The Hassle of Moving Utilities

While most of what we do is gallivant around for fun and just use someone else’s stuff, running here and there on a whim, there are some real hassles. Doing this furnished housing coming and going has taught us a few things. I have become somewhat of a master at packing boxes creatively. I can tell you how to dole out shampoo and kitchen spices for 6 to 12 months with no leftovers. I can separate seasons of clothes better than ever. That stuff is a breeze. The least fun part has to be the cable, internet, electric, and gas billing.

You can’t just call up and pay for 6 months and be done. I wish. You can’t transfer because it’s a different company everwhere. MK needs a ton of security to work, so we’ve gotten two internet connections in most places. We got a COLLECTION LETTER last week – totally in error- please, for a bill we didn’t owe. And that information is so two houses ago. So it can be a hassle. We do our best and keep extensive files everywhere just in case problems like that come up. I just can’t stand dealing with the 1-800 numbers, the hold music, the passwords, the arguments.

MK dealt effectively with it and showed them who was boss. But dude, it has to be my biggest complaint to get all that stuff shut off in one place on the right date and set up in another on the right date. It never gets any easier!

BONUS: Featured News

  • Stay tuned for a GIANT EXCITING POST TOMORROW!!!
  • It rained all day yesterday, getting rid of all the snow. Now it’s snowing.
  • My baby car is all-growed-up – we go a tow hitch to transport more crap!
  • There’s now a “Moving” category in the category cloud- for you to read up on!
  • Get your calendars- we are already accepting reservations!
Imagine if we were OLD and still needed a land line phone, too...

Imagine if we were OLD and still needed a land line phone, too...

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Tax Drama

MK is a procrastinator. A big one. Many of you know this about him. What you might not know – and what I didn’t know until we were married- was just how bad.

For example, there is an unopened TurboTax CD sitting on his desk right now. Before I got married my daddy did my taxes in January for me right when I got my W2 and sent it to him so I could get that money back for whatever car repair or rent that came up right when I was low on cash. But it got done. Early.

So I couldn’t comprehend the first April 15th I spent with MK, where he stayed up until nearly midnight and had to find the last open post office to get a postmark in time. And the year after that, even with me suggesting we get an early start, the same results. That was a frustrating time. He doesn’t like to be forced in to things. He’ll put it off until he can’t possibly do it in time, then does it. The taxes always get done (and well).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I could do our taxes, never mind quickly. This guy has the hardest job for taxes on the planet, but he’s mastered it in the last ten years. Well, the last ten April 14th and 15ths. While I hide under the covers and eat crackers. It makes him a little crazy. Then we can’t spend money for like a month, the more I think about it the more worked up I get over the craziness…

So I’m over it. I’ve taken a step back, told TB I’ll be on her couch to avoid the whirlwind of looking for stamps and getting to the post office on time. Stay out of the path of the last minute filer, that’s SGS’s advice.

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