So, I did get some other gifts too…

First thing I love: Christmas decorations at 60% off.

(Doesn’t this look like something out of a magazine?

And it’s just a wreath for MY fireplace! And it was SEVEN DOLLARS).

Second: A Dadd who spent forever finding me some vintage skis to hang and make some art out of for the house!




We don’t really DO Christmas. I get sad about it sometime, staying here to ski instead of going home. I get sad that I’m not better at organizing something or planning a party or buying everyone their dream gifts.

This year on Christmas Eve I received a gorgeous sign from my friends K+TP. A candle from MIL. Some stocking stuffers from Momm and Dadd.

I knew it was the one real gift under my tree to save for last from my Meme – Dadd’s mommy. I wasn’t sure what it was until I opened it. And paged through it. And cried and cried and cried.

I think this gift is very special, one that you should immediately go and buy for your loved ones.

I bought this book for Meme and she filled it out and returned it to me. It’s questions about her past, present, life observations and family stories.

She left nothing blank, word for word the questions fill out her whole being and are there now for my children and theirs to someday read. It’s pretty exceptional. The perfect gift!

Bah Humbug

Both sides of the story.


Five Things That Are Tough Around Christmas:

  1. Love where I live, but it really limits your shopping.
  2. Totally only 5 presents under the tree (thanks momm).
  3. Missing family.
  4. Digging out of the snow all month.
  5. Nothing good on our 4 TV channels.
  6. Power outages. Like, every year.
  7. Cooking for 2.
  8. Not knowing what to buy anyone.
  9. Typically exhausted all week.
  10. Staying off the internet!



It’s rather easy to take a look at any picture from this mountain and see why it’s called the  most aptly named resort! They opened up just for us, well, it felt that way…Tuesday.

We skied from first chair to last – with just a quick stop in between for pizza and beer. Fantastic.