Exploring Utah

I almost forgot to tell you that we went exploring a couple weekends ago! We drove from Park City to West Wendover, on the Nevada-Utah border. To get there we passed the Great Salt Lake

and the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Wendover, like any Nevada border town, is a little gambling hole with 5 or 6 casinos. We read online reviews (MK did, on his phone) that the Nugget and the one across the street – already forget the name. It was LOUD:

We ate, gambled pennies, and watched football until we were bored. We decided to take the car to the salt flats and get crazy…doing doughnuts at a mile per hour – I even drove. Our car isn’t really the salt flat type, but it was really neat to see and we’ll definitely have to go back with some company and a faster funner car. Of course MK took great pics and you get cell phone ones. Sigh.


This Old House

The house we bought is cozy and charming. It was built in 1979. There are some things that might be original.

Like the kitchen hardware. The wood isn’t super hip, but it is in great shape. So, house project the first.

New hardware. One hour and one hundred dollars to bring the kitchen from 1979 squarely into 1996 (pictured with the ‘charming’ non matching wood floor).

A few of the things we want to do are super easy and fun. Paint! Decorate! Hang pictures!

Then we get to talking – how about we move the washer and dryer? Let’s gut the master bath. This room needs to be bigger…Yikes.

We’re going to be picking our battles.

My Second Total Repost

This year, social media is all over how we celebrate the holidays. Everyone is all Facebook-y about wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving, or tweeting me about their turkey. One thing that went around on Facebook was a status update a day of what you were thankful for. What are you thankful for?Reminded me I did this:

This is a list of 100 things I’m thankful for. I randomized them, and tried to keep them really simple – but 100 is a lot, I had to get a little creative. I hope you enjoy, think of some things maybe you forgot, and tell someone you’re thankful for them this holiday. Enough sap, here’s the list:


  1. My faith.
  2. My husband.
  3. My health.
  4. My parents.
  5. My grandparents.
  6. All the rest of my relatives, I have a great family.
  7. Old friends.
  8. New friends.
  9. Sunny weather.
  10. Live music, especially outdoors.
  11. My writing.
  12. Laughter.
  13. My college degree.
  14. Freedom.
  15. Becoming fit.
  16. Puppies.
  17. All my vacations, now too many to count!
  18. All the places I’ve lived.
  19. My memories.
  20. My in laws.
  21. Running water.
  22. The power of prayer.
  23. TV on the internet.
  24. Margaritas.
  25. Learning how to cook.
  26. My car.
  27. Enviga.
  28. Not working.
  29. Good radio.
  30. Soft blankets.
  31. Fires in the cold.
  32. Learning to ski.
  33. Growing up in the 90s.
  34. mp3s.
  35. Everything anyone’s ever given or made me.
  36. Paper and pens.
  37. Trying new things.
  38. The ability to forgive and be forgiven.
  39. Migas and breakfast burritos.
  40. Sunrises, sunsets.
  41. Every pair of my shoes.
  42. Everything I’ve made myself.
  43. Childhood accomplishments.
  44. A1. Yes, the steak sauce.
  45. Learning humility.
  46. Helping strangers.
  47. The internet, my blog.
  48. 1999-2006 in Austin.
  49. Cameras, pictures.
  50. Dimmed lighting.
  51. Hummingbirds.
  52. My gym membership.
  53. How good I sound singing in the shower.
  54. Common sense.
  55. Holidays.
  56. Learning from mistakes.
  57. The NFL.
  58. France.
  59. Parties.
  60. Birthdays.
  61. Learning patience.
  62. The Red Sox.
  63. Calligraphy.
  64. Romance.
  65. Sundays.
  66. Pedicures.
  67. People with great senses of humor.
  68. Zombie jokes.
  69. SXSW.
  70. Surprises.
  71. Feeling whole.
  72. Understanding.
  73. The ability to grow.
  74. Crying until I laugh, but only sometimes.
  75. Knowing when to back down.
  76. Knowing when to stand firm.
  77. Knowing I still have a lot to learn.
  78. Daydreams.
  79. Being taken care of when I’m sick.
  80. The invention of Imitrex.
  81. Chicken Noodle Soup.
  82. Emerson.
  83. Surviving high school.
  84. Thick skin.
  85. Glitter.
  86. Poetry.
  87. Pajamas with feet.
  88. Hope.
  89. Massive Attack.
  90. People who recycle.
  91. Nalgene bottles.
  92. Mini skirts.  MY FIRST NEW HOUSE!
  93. Dr. Scholls.
  94. My wedding album.
  95. My husband’s work success.
  96. K cups.
  97. Experience.
  98. Parades.
  99. Volunteers.
  100. Love!

My First Of Two Total Reposts

I’m not lazy, just want to remind you of some of the highlights here at somegosoftly. And even people with nothing to do take breaks on the holidays ;).
My post from last Thanksgiving(2008):

Thanksgiving Reminiscing

Thanksgiving this year got me thinking about the fact that I’ve been doing this a while. I always question the cheesy autobiographical nature it tended to take on – but right now I can be thankful. Even MK has noted there is a bit of worth to being able to check here to recall our adventures.

Here’s two years of Thanksgiving’s at my fingertips.

November 2006

November 2007

I especially enjoyed the Thankful Challenge that I participated in last year.

I can easily remembering sharing Thanksgiving with my in laws and my crazy new San Diego friends. This year, we’ll be with great friends in Utah. Yet another day to write about, share with you, my friends and family, and make you a part of right here. So this year, I’m most thankful that you stop by, that you participate, that you keep me blogging.

Furniture Is Stupid

Well, not all furniture. Just some furniture.

I was crazy enough to forward MK a listing I saw while perusing our local classifieds online last week for an auction. It was some law firm or something and all their office equipment was for sale. We went and looked at the stuff which was mostly junk, but decided if MK could get a desk for super cheap it’d be kinda cool. It was heavy-duty stuff.

There were two identical desks and MK let the first one go. He got the second one. Cool. Then we disassembled it, slowly. After a trip to Home Depot and out for coffee, we took a load home. Yes, in our car. And this is a big desk. The rest was too big for our car so we borrowed BB’s monster truck. And spent the rest of the day moving the last bit. We were there from maybe 10-4.

The desk is still sitting in pieces all over the house. And I haven’t even given you the details. Wait until you see a picture. It’s HUGE. Like, I shouldn’t be lifting things like this I could HURT MYSELF huge. I’m happy Mr. Works from home has a nice place to work from home now, but it was painful for me. I’m a little girl still, in some regards. This was way out of my league.

Otherwise, though, the auction was a blast and we’ve already planned to go to another one. In spite of the desk almost not being worth the hassle it gave us since I am not a 300lb mover man, it was fun and dirt cheap. I’m thinking we should furnish the whole house solely from auctions and Cragislist. Now THAT would make a good blog.

Going Cross-Eyed

So far, most people have gotten up, fed their family, dressed, gone to work, come back again, and been productive around the house. Got the mail, made dinner, talked on the phone. Surfed the net. You get the idea.

I, on the other hand, have been staring at this for 10 hours.

The only thing I’ve decided is that neither of them work, and we’re going to have to up the anty from bargain bin to custom order.