The Long Road Back

Your injury stories are boring.
Your rehabilitation stories are boring.

So are mine. It’s not interesting to people that do what we do because we all test our limits. Everyone goes hard. Everyone breaks something. We all push and then we all suffer setbacks. Then we push again.

All I know is today I ran for the first time in years.

It hurt my pride maybe more than my body. I was self conscious. I was slow. I was in the middle of a city I don’t know.

But I did a few things. I woke up and I put clothes in a bag. I reached out for support and was supported. I turned loud music up, laced up my damn shoes, and suffered. I ran out of breath. I over thought the whole ordeal. And then, I did it. The doing was done. The high set in. The weak knees hurt, but they survived. I survived.

And maybe even that is boring. Most of us survive. Most of us break through the mental barrier. Most of us get back on the horse that kicked us off.



I’m happiest that no matter how long it took I attempted what I feared would be impossible, and I overcame odds and overcame myself. The physical pain I feared was nothing compared to what happened on the inside. That isn’t boring. That’s transformative.




UGG Ultra Collection

I’m not a typical product reviewer by any means. I can’t slip something on, love it, and recommend it.

What I did in this case is receive some boots. I wore them for a month. Now I can tell you about them 🙂

I was skeptical of this new line – there are so few good boots out there for women that are fashionable and at the same time functional. My hectic work week/ski weekend lifestyle has been a big adjustment.

So the first thing I liked was having something so stylish that I was able to wear to the office on snow days. I can leave them by the door and throw them on for my ski days on the mountain too. I love the thickness, warmth, and ankle support that is crucial to walking in Utah’s famously deep soft snow.

I wore these during Sundance, every day heading to the hill, and as I mentioned, to the office. People complimented me on them, and yes, were surprised they were UGGS.

Goofing around.

Goofing around.

I’m also pleased that after some rough wear, they still look and feel brand new. These are going to be a winter staple for me – for more than this season.


7 Years

That’s longer than I’ve held a job, owned a home…it’s the longest I’ve done anything that takes about 15 minutes.

Family and friends are welcome to join in this landmark occasion yet again:

The ESPN College Bracket Tourney.

They finally let you log in just using Facebook, so it’s easy to join!

Let me know if you’re interested in the group info.

Utah Musts

Living here goes by fast. I promised Ski Utah I’d try things other than skiing – so far I’ve gotten up one hill with snow shoes on. Barely counts! Every morning I wake up and I’m pulled to another mountain, another challenge on my skis. Then you blink and the winter is over.

I was over here

and then found this:

A list of things to do. While I’ve tried most of the beers and all of the honorable mentions, I thought it was pretty funny skiing was the only thing I’d done on that list.


what is something from your HOME state that is sitting right there waiting for you to do that you haven’t?

Keeping My Mind Off Of Austin

Just a little bit longer until I get there and stop being jealous of KD in the sun and JC party-hopping…

So today I’ll remind you all that this is the SIXTH year that I’ve done brackets for March Madness.

Link to the story last year.

And since I stopped watching basketball immediately after Uconn beat UT and both teams started sucking, I plan on doing very well in the brackets this year. But I think I should make a prize for DEAD-F-word-Last, don’t you?


Want the password? Ask for it!

2010 Olympics

Living in Park City is probably 95% of what has me so excited about the Olympics this year. Many of the athletes have been training here and it’s gotten me very interested in the games. Not only that, but learning to ski changes everything I think about the sport. Wanting to get better has me reading about skiing, trying new skis, and even working out through ski season to be in the best shape I can. It had a lot to do with our decision to get the house here, I love San Diego but I’m not as good at any beach sport and I’ve become at skiing, and it’s become a real passion for me since spending last winter here.

It’s laughable compared to these athletes competing, but just like watching a Warren Miller movie, seeing the Olympics makes me itch to get out on my skis and try my hardest to get better and better, even if it isn’t at 75 miles an hour. I can’t wait to try more runs, to gain experience and just have a blast on the mountains.

I also think a major contributing factor to my excitement is just how accessible the Olympics are this year. We don’t even have cable at the house, and yet there’s plenty of online video access and news coverage for me to see. This page –

 a link to all the athletes that are Tweeting, has me totally hooked. It’s like I know these people. I get a glimpse into what it’s like to be there, what they are thinking. Too cool.

Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational

Holy forever ago, this was Jan. 15th!

The night after The Bravery concert I mentioned here. If you recall, I was too worked up about something else to even tell you about our night. It happens.

We were running late due to house work, and only made it to the tail end of the women’s finals and got to see the men’s finals and the fireworks. But it was worth the hike up the hill. It was packed but we found a spot on the far right and got a great view. They had a fun DJ and like I mentioned on Twitter, I’d go every night for fireworks at the resort, too cool! Kids and adults alike were running around and sliding down the hill.

MK took a ton of pictures, too many to post here, so here’s an album:

Click for the Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational Photos.