Can’t Sleep

I have to wait two more weeks to learn my fate.

I put a video entry in to a contest for a season pass at all the Utah resorts. It was hard to do, and harder to watch. As I mentioned Friday, it was nuts to see myself ‘acting’. I tried to be cute, funny, charming, and all I came out with was nerdy. It was nerve-racking!

It’s also hard to wonder what the people in charge think. Or think about what I could have done better, or differently. But we had a great time, knnocked it out, and I have to say MH made me look good! At least that whole deal was good.

My First Time

Reality check. Tell you more Monday.


Five Embarrassing Thoughts After Seeing Yourself ‘Acting’:

  1. You can’t act. It’s just you being you.
  2. How do they do it?
  3. You are a goober.
  4. Where on earth did those facial movements come from? 
  5. Do I really sound like that?!??!

Cool Mountain Air

In my house it is now on rotate! Finally, we got the ceilling fan put up in the master bedroom. I took this picture before I painted because I was so excited to share!

How freaking cool is this? It has retractable blades. This equals no dusting, no fan when you don’t need a fan! The light is gorgeous and the fan throws the air really well.

Ta Da!

HGTV Knows Nothing

About the reality of housework.


Five Things They Don’t Tell You To Pay Attention To When Working Outside, That They Should, But Instead They Make It Look Like Light Easy Breezy Work:

  1. Ants crawling in your paint.
  2. Bugs crawling on you if you sit still too long.
  3. Freak storms messing with your work.
  4. Forgetting you’re outside in the sun getting cooked.
  5. What to do if a Momma deer and her two babies walk through your back yard, and you think how lovely it is, and then suddenly they are going to the bathroom in your back yard, and your back yard stinks. Because that can happen.

Books Into Movies

We just started watching all the Harry Potter movies, since I finished reading all the books. Not sure if it’s because they are old of because I am, but they are pretty cheesy. Overall though, I enjoy things that match up to how I imagined them, and seeing MK watch them without having read the books.

The other books I’ve just finished reading and been a little obsessed with are The Millennium Trilogy, the novels by Stieg Larsson. We just watched the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. I loved it. They’ve recently cast an American version of the film and I don’t really know anyone besides Robin Wright. I hope the movie can do the book justice!

What is you FAVORITE book they made into a movie situation?


Every one in the airport was reading Eat Pray Love so I figured it had to be worth checking out. I read it and thought it was really dumb. The kind of mid life old lady eat to figure out what’s wrong sob story. I also knew about 100 people I thought could have done a better job given the same opportunity.

I went and saw the movie anyway. And I don’t even know how I feel deep down inside about Julia Roberts. I’m not one of those girls that watched Pretty Woman when she’s PMS’ing or anything. The movie was awful. Proves there wasn’t much to work with in my opinion. It hurt my brain. DId anyone like it? Why?