Celebrity Ski Fest at Canyons

This was basically my first time on the spot, live interviewing. It was wild and fun. I could do this more…I’m sure with experience you get more comfortable. The great part with someone like me, who does totally get a little star-struck, was just how nice everyone was. Super patient, kind, expecting the interview, and happy to say hi for the camera. I guess that is the job…

Fortunately for me, PCTV thinks I’m ok and I get to do some more filming this weekend! Looking forward to new adventures as the ski season comes to an end.


The Manning Brady Reality

Everyone’s worried about Peyton Manning. It is very serious. But before he was ever having season threatening surgeries, it was my duty as a Patriots fan to dislike him.

As a girl, it was my duty to complain every time I saw him in a commercial. There are a million.

So while some people were rearranging their Fantasy football teams and reading up to the minute reports, I was thinking about the real issues. Like now that he’s side lined, can we please get the much more handsome, much more intriguing TOM BRADY up in my TV in some commercials?!?!

Because this is what matters. To me. And women every where thinking that as soon as he tires of super models, he is going to come calling on the door of some unemployed about to be middle aged house wife football fan and sweep me her off my her feet.

And this is what we get:

Does it speak for itself or do we need to go into the idea that men already think what with the hair and all that he is a fairy? Now he’s spokesman for the shoes that teenagers wear on the beach even if it’s 80 degrees outside. Oh boy.

Oh, You’ll Like This

Mike Birbiglia had a funny little list going yesterday on Twitter:
RT @DanAhlgren: “By the way” means my next thought is not even close to related to the matter being discussed.
RT @ComicKevinJones: “Do you remember that time” means i’m lying, cover for me.
RT @MandyHarmon: “I had the weirdest dream about u last night” means –we had dream sex and it was awful.
RT @BigHowie79: “That’s why I always say” is always followed by something they never say.
RT @girl_noir: “Oh, you’ll like this” means it will be related to the only thing you know about me.
RT @8bit_mike: “I love all your retweets” means I’m unfollowing you.
RT @mayan_pilot: “That’s so funny” is like saying, “I found that mediocre, but I’m gonna tell you something funnier.”
RT @LegitFunk: “That reminds me” means I wasn’t listening and was just waiting for you to shut up so I could talk.
RT @UndertheMtn: If someone starts with “Clearly,” it’s never clear at all.
RT @HoytWilhelmIII: “Just the other day…” means sometime last summer.
RT @toohipguitars: “Say what you will about (name)” means that person sucks at everything except whatever finishes that sentence.
RT @Brohakel: “You know I’m good for it” usually means you already owe me fifty bucks.
RT @joebodolai: “quick story…” is never quick and usually not a story.
RT @BetterOffRob: “He’s so nice” usually means he’s bad at something.
RT @word_craft: “Think about this:” usually means you won’t have to.
RT @barrettbo: “I don’t mean to be a dick, but….” is usually followed by something only a dick would say.
RT @da_buckster: “I read that..” almost always means they saw it on TV.
RT @DrAwesomeBFD: “No offense, but…” is usually followed by something pretty offensive.
RT @joebodolai: “You won’t believe this” makes me have no trouble believing it.
RT @BigBryC: In turn, “this is hilarious” guarantees I won’t laugh.
When people say the phrase “it’s not funny,” it’s usually pretty funny.

The Great Pop Culture Debate

While we were strategically planning our entry for the Ski Utah video contest (still waiting to hear back after making the top five) I put a bunch of ideas out on Facebook to try to see where our efforts would best pay off. Everyone liked the Old Spice commercial idea, and everyone denied knowing who Ke$ha was, even though I had a great song to the tune of “Tik Tok” all planned out… “Wake up in the morning/with hair like Glen Plake/There’s a smile on your face/when you see that first snow flake” or something like that.

So we went Old Spice. I totally stand by my video and had a blast making it something that really stood out from the competition. With this blog, and being slightly involved in Facebook, more so with Twitter, I am able to keep up with the world around me. I wouldn’t have known about the Old Spice campaign without Twitter, and have had to show that video to some friends/family before showing them mine.

It’s a big huge world and it’s hard to decide what is important. So many of my friends are pop culture junkies and seem to find the time to know something about everything. Then there are a few of you that make it a point to not be addicted. Your stories are still interesting when you DO know about something though, because you know it more in-depth. The nerves I get about potentially blogging about skiing totally relate to the fact that MAN there are a lot of ways you could go. Gear, mountains, traveling, food, drinks, nightlife, powder conditions, movies, ski news, famous skiers…

Included with this cultural exploration I’m making is the fact that I’ve gone back and forth over the last five years with and without cable. I feel it’s every Americans right to wind down after a hard day at work with some really guilty pleasure crap TV.

I feel a little out of touch! I was super super sick today and I stayed in bed and caught up on some fall premieres that I’d missed with the whole no cable and being on vacation. I miss TV already. So much can be seen online, whole seasons on Netflix even, but as Dadd pointed out, it’s hard to start a conversation like “Have you seen the Sopranos?” when it is no longer culturally relevant. It’s easy in this day and age to miss something if you wait a minute.

What do YOU choose to keep up with? I don’t know who’s been kicked off Dancing with the Stars. And my heart is still beating and I have other things to do. But I am a little curious…

Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational

Holy forever ago, this was Jan. 15th!

The night after The Bravery concert I mentioned here. If you recall, I was too worked up about something else to even tell you about our night. It happens.

We were running late due to house work, and only made it to the tail end of the women’s finals and got to see the men’s finals and the fireworks. But it was worth the hike up the hill. It was packed but we found a spot on the far right and got a great view. They had a fun DJ and like I mentioned on Twitter, I’d go every night for fireworks at the resort, too cool! Kids and adults alike were running around and sliding down the hill.

MK took a ton of pictures, too many to post here, so here’s an album:

Click for the Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational Photos.


I met dooce last night! This is the giant exciting post (that Mom said don’t bother with).  

 Reread my previous entry about dooce here.

Let's go meet dooce!

Let's go meet dooce!

TB is a super big fan. She noticed dooce was here for a book signing. We braved a winter storm warning, had a delicious Lebanese dinner, and went to the reading. It’s tough to collectively frame all my thoughts the day after, but I’ll do my best.

TB gets the bits I don’t get, obviously- I don’t have a baby. It’s amazing to see all the women that can relate – there was an awesome turnout (more people than will ever even buy the book I’m never going to publish, never mind want to MEET me!).

Super excited fan yo!

Super excited fan yo!

I’m more interested in the blogging your life stories. I could see writing on cnet or even Yahoo!, but I have a hard time truly opening up and telling y’all stories sometimes. That lady has it ALL out there, and for a million people she’s never met. That’s just plain crazy to me! She made it look so easy, no big thing. Her reading was something I could never do, not with 12 family members staring up at me!

Talking about sex in front of her parents...

Talking about sex in front of her parents...piece of cake

We headed over to the King’s English, a super adorable book store I want to own one day and sit around reading in, and got our books signed. TB was so nervous that later in the car she was sure she said something creepy, but her filter was on, she only gushed the just right amount. I couldn’t think of anything to say (dude, people brought her gifts, that threw me) but did tell her husband outside that he does an awesome job programming. That was all I could think of.

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Birthday, Week One

Did you think I was kidding? Oh, no friends. When you turn this unexciting of an age and have nothing going on, you need to make your own party. This is a marathon. So my birthday (which was Monday) started last Thursday. I went shopping. At the outlets. And bought stuff. Shoes, a coat, a Coach purse (which I realized I had no need for and returned) and earrings and a headband. Really thrilling stuff. But it was fun just to be out. TB, current love of my life, took me out for Chinese. This will be a tradition.

Friday I skied with MK. It was a blast. I think this was when I figured it out. We came home and got ready for dinner, which we had at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet, courtesy of my loving mommy. Lest Buffet sound cheesy, make no mistake, I enjoyed more delicious five star cuisine than the previous “X” years of my life. 😉 And, dude, TB (reason for love-of-life status) picked out the most amazing present in the world for me, wait until you see it.

We last minute just had to run out for some drinks, TB (again, love of my life) calling out for shots. Yeehaw. We met some silly LA’ers and had a giant phony one-upping contest. Giggles and more shots. Celebrity hunting.

We totally got catcalled - which is awesome even if it's not your birthday!

We totally got catcalled - which is awesome even if it's not your birthday!

I had the funniest time the next morning – Saturday- feeling faintly hungover but somehow still on skis with TB. We were a sight. We also got to see (finally) someone famous here for Sundance. Kira fell right in front of me, and Kevin Bacon had to help her up. It kinda blew her cover. Sunday we skied with Bob. I had to show off. I totally came home and fell in to a coma. We went out for pizza (last junk food of the year…) at a new fantastic restaurant that we all loved. Thanks J!

Monday was this thing called my actual birthday. SKI BIRTHDAYS RULE! My legs were wiped out from the past two awesome days, but beer helped. TB and I were “first beer” at Empire Lodge. Quality. Then we went for round two at Silver Lake. By then, we were golden. I let go of trying to ‘do it right’ and just had fun. My mom AND DAD (MOSTLY DAD) sent me some beautiful flowers (MK got me some you can see in the background too):

mom's flowers

MK took me out for drinks and made me a cake. We really had a great night. Yesterday was all about running errands and cleaning – KD And JC get here today! Let Week Two festivities begin!

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Your First Glimpse – Sundance 2009

We saw Robert Redford last night. And a lot of setting up.

sundance 2009

Click to enlarge!

Worthwhile reading: Celebs with High Stakes this Sundance.

(aka – People we’ll be stalking for you.)

And one more – actually intelligent Sundance reporting.

(aka- if you’re interested or ended up here by accident and are looking for real info.)


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Jaunted Says It Best

I wanted to tell you about all the juicy excitement fueling the little town of Park City as the crazies of LA etc. head in to tear up Sundance. But living here feels different than when we visited here last year anxiously looking around the airport for celebrities.

This time around, who cares. The rented Escalades are in my way, on my birthday weekend. The people shopping at the outlets for sundresses make me laugh (albeit enviously…). So meh, Sundance. 600$ for tickets to movies I’m not sure I’ll like before I wait in line to get in, no thanks. And seriously – the main website, or any other digging I can do is not showing me anything about parties I can sneak in to. Come on. I learned from SXSW, I’ve got skill. Or not.

But instead of me complaining any more, I’ll let you read these survival tips – my fave: don’t come.


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