Blogging About My Job For My Job

The first post I sent out to the audience at my recent new job was a doozy. My marketing plan was simple: to get awareness without sounding braggy. Never easy for a brand. Even harder for a website and marketing agency in the throes of a new website and new marketing strategy. I came on board because I knew two of the team members. And to hear them talk about work, their passion for it, that got me inspired. It took a little convincing for them to get me here. And I wanted to impress them. So I got scared. But I did what I wanted to do. I positioned myself as the new guy. The person just looking in, casually observing and pointing out that there’s an expert team ready to be contacted.

So many times you’re told to not blog in the first person. That bugs me. My use of generic pronouns shouldn’t be what compels you. I think there’s something very real about ME in a story. As I do when I read your stories passionately told about what you think and feel. Discuss. Agree or no?

That post is shared below, and if you want to see it on the Akavit site that link is here. So how did it do? Guess.



Akavit isn’t new—but their approach to digital marketing is. Since 2008 this group has been hard at work making the trends you see and respond to across the landscape of the internet. So, I begged them to hire me. It was actually a pretty big, freaking scary risk. I moved with one suitcase and a car. I jumped at this chance to join the team for a few reasons I want to share with you.

SKILL: Certain truths remain as content marketing and digital design have evolved: Everything you publish must innovate, inspire, educate, and/or excite. If it doesn’t, don’t publish it—the internet doesn’t need more fluff. The work being done at Akavit practices that tenet flawlessly.

STYLE: To get to know us, imagine us. We’ve created a workspace for creators. It’s almost a cliche to work in comfy chairs with collaborative areas, speaker systems dropping sweet beats, the requisite foosball table, the beer fridge for team Town Halls. All of this contributes to a creative environment that produces some of the best work in the Rocky Mountains. But that isn’t what makes us cool. That’s just window dressing. While some agencies push the fun and forget the work that pays for it, here work comes first. The cool factor is the creativity.

SUCCESS: Awards line the walls and come in the mail frequently, but we don’t do this job for the recognition. Mindful creativity goes into every pitch and every design. The advertising IQ in this office is over my head in the most exciting way possible. Even our motto, “If it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t launch” sets the uncompromising standard that Akavit clients get the best possible results, every time.

SWAG: Since I joined it’s been a whirlwind of concepting, creating, optimizing and winning. I’ve been given the support and the green light I’d been begging for previously. Mind = blown. Turnaround times are the fastest I’ve ever seen. Account and Project Managers are in constant communication with clients—in person and over the phone. There’s true authenticity here and a deep commitment to being both helpful and professional—doing what’s the best for the client no matter what.

Refreshing, right?

I admire this agency—and you should too. The collective brilliance of this group of people is astounding – and none of them even asked me to write that. It’s just what I see. I’m still a little bit “outside observer” status around here. Me sharing this story isn’t so much a new beginning, it’s me hoping you get to see another paradigm shift in digital advertising. I want to transparently display to you our inner monologue as we deliver killer work, and explain the practices we employ for you to learn from. You’ll wanna take notes. Connect with us on your favorite social point, and ask any questions you want answered. We’re here to help.







Marketing My Content Marketing with Content


I’ve spent 10+ years teaching myself the art of writing simply. I do that effortfully. My mantra is:


I continually research and adapt. I feel confident that handed any client I can make a difference.

Getting heads down in the work for the last year, it feels like time to come up for some air. And share what I’ve learned. I’m all kinds of jaded by what I see passing for expert knowledge. Only make sense to add to the noise and see if I come out on the right side of things.

Looking forward to where this plan takes us.