Once Is Enough

MK and I love trying new things, places, and events. If it looks or sounds interesting, we’ll check it out. Maybe we hear about it from a friend, or read it in the paper. Even if it is something sort of unusual, we try to have fun.

Some of those things have totally stuck. We go out for Taco Tuesday all the time. Free concerts in the parks are great in the summer.

Some things I love to say “Yes, we did that.”, but once could totally be enough. Legoland, Sea World, certain museum exhibits, Comic Con, even certain themed parties and events that go on here annually. Yesterday totally falls in to that “I’m good” category.

The Del Mar Race Track is an overwhelming place. It’s the only race track I’ve been to, so I don’t know if it’s the same relative size/environment as other places. You might remember I told you about our first time there, for the Million Dollar Purse Day. We thought that would be the big day, but were corrected last year and told that Opening Day was where it was at. That was big hat day. That was see and be seen day. So we had to go!

It was hot. And packed. And crazy. We (I) spent way too much money trying to stay hydrated (with beer). We paid to get in to the nice part but still weren’t quite able to figure out the best place to hang out. There was some amazing people watching, for sure. By the end of the day all the ladies/girls in less sensible shoes were doing the barefoot walk of shame home. *giggle*

But that was kind of it. Don’t get me wrong, I had the greatest time in the world with my friends – they are so fun that part is a given. And we all dressed up and I felt like a pretty pretty princess. But the hassle of parking, trying to even see the races, and getting around for food and drinks was a bit much. If there were just a few less people I would have felt better, I think. Unlimited ticket sales = me feeling claustrophobic!

So many of our friends go to this event every single year. I know two girls that were devastated this was the first year they were going to miss…I didn’t get it. It’s not to say we’d never go again, I mean – if we’re invited, and there’s nothing better to do…but it’s not something I’m going to come to expect!

Here are all our silly pictures!

Tell me: what’s something you were glad you tried once and have never done again?


4 thoughts on “Once Is Enough

  1. Trish – no way!
    Snippy – totally.
    Sybo – I swear I met someone the other day that didn’t know what a foam party was. Describing our miserable experience almost made it worth it!

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