Fun While It Lasted

We went out for a few runs yesterday, but it was just too warm. Skiing on warm snow is akin to a bagel in a small toaster – you’re trying to make it work but it’s fighting you. Okay, that wasn’t really funny, but I’m trying to cheer myself up here. Skiing for the winter is essentially over. We’re going to try to stop out there Saturday, and the resort closes on Sunday.

I know some of you (CH!) couldn’t be more happy to not have to hear about skiing for a while – but I don’t think I overdid it. I told you about the company and the good times. I told you about me getting better. It’s been a crazy fun six months, as always it just flew by. I’m going to miss the B’s, SB is the cutest thing I know.

I’m happy and sad to be going. We have two weeks to pack. I hate packing. I’m pretty sure my laundry room is in my living room – going to an apartment from this monster house is going to be a new and tough adjustment. MK is going to love being on the beach, I’m glad for that. And hopefully the B’s will plan a visit so I don’t get too sad missing them.

Who else is coming? 🙂

sunset on Mission Bay

sunset on Mission Bay

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