Haven’t Had One In A While

Click here for information. This might not surprise the northerners.


Five Things I Completely Forgot About Fall, After 8 Years:

  1. Women wearing boots. With everything.
  2. Razor burn.
  3. Coats.
  4. The sun setting 4 hours early all of a sudden.
  5. People talking about the weather.

winter boots summer clothes stupid

I don’t care what you say, it’s retarded.


Gone Fishing

Rounding out my firsts from last week was the Giant Super Crazy Fishing Trip.
Not only did I learn how to make lures and tie and weight and bobber the whole operation (not that I could pass any sort of pop quiz), I learned the skill of acquiring dinner.
First, getting ready.


You have to know how to tie fancy knots and find colors that fish are attracted to to make them go for the lures. A girl can handle that. Salmon like pink. That makes me laugh. Anyway, so we got the stuff all ready and went down to the beautiful river. We were in Monroe, an hour away from Seattle.


We’re all fun and games until this little guy walks up and says hi and leaves, and it takes us a bit, but we realize HE STOLE OUR BAIT. MK went after him with a murderous look on his face but to no avail. We had more. But seriously, who does that? Punk.


We changed spots (yes that is a plane in the background), got burgers, and started fooling around, giving up on the getting any fish part. This is me after I went fishing for the little baby fishies with a french fry.


Then, NN notices Frank, who will forever be immortalized as “Guy we end up standing next to actually catching stuff and THROWING IT BACK”. He goes with a little of this “Man, I am here from AUSTIN and just can’t catch a fish…all I wanted was to eat some fish from this river tonight, this is my only chance…” just loud enough, Frank offers us a fish.


Matter of fact, Frank is so cool he catches TWO (yes, Frank 10, Us 0) for us.

Then you learn how to kill a fish. Avert your eyes if you don’t want to know:

you bash them over the head with a rock. Eew.

That didn’t bother us though, we had dinner ready to go! Thanks, Frank.


NN taught me how to clean the fish, also new to me. Then MP taught me how to marinate the fish. I made some rice and corn, and we went up to the roof with butter lemon garlic and teryaki salmon. Salmon is usually a little strong for my taste, but let me tell you, there is something about spending all day staring at a river full of fish and getting the guy next to you to make you feel like you caught it that makes it great.


UPDATE: Here’s the link to the video of ‘catching’ a fish.

Update: Branded Balls

The fate of the Bonds Ball has been decided.

As most of us talked about here:

Mark Ecko Makes Me Laugh

these individual records are what baseball means to its players and fans. These stat books are tainted by what the individuals do to their bodies.

So I’m happy that Ecko bought the ball and caused the stir. And of course, that the option I picked won.

Some people make me laugh with the theory that letting them all take drugs and beat themselves silly would be fine because *quote* “It’s not like these guys are saving the planet”. I see the point, but as a chick that might accidentally have a baby someday, I wouldn’t want that to be the feat my son would be aspiring to…

This is funny, because don’t all men get fat as they age, but I bet someone finds this definitive:

barry bonds before and after

Internet Interruptions

There are always so many things to learn about marriage. For example, last night I learned how to turn my husband into the scariest man in the universe.

I was just browsing the internet, minding my own business. Then something funny looking popped up, and I closed it. But my computer was running slowly.


I immediately shut down the computer. Something wasn’t right.
Of course, it did no good. I restarted and the program had weaseled its way into everything near and dear to me. So, there I am, thinking I’ve lost everything that ever mattered to me: mp3s, pictures, and oh yeah, that book I’m trying to publish…

So I flip out, hysterical. I have some virus. MK comes over to take a look. In record time, he is able to reset my desktop and browse the depths of folders with names like “computer/mine/backup/log/music/ifyourwifebreakstufflookhere”
and found my personal content. Then he gets on the internet, ’cause it’s not over…

after running a bunch of virus find and destroy crap, for hours and hours, my computer has a semblance of its old self back. My husband, however, is a MONSTER. I tried to fix it, I knew it was bad, and I didn’t even go looking for it, but somehow, I’m to blame. Made for one grouchy night.

computer virus

Turn It Off

When you don’t have a job, you don’t typically know what day of the week it is. I have only noticed the change in seasons recently – I had to start putting on a long sleeve shirt to run in. Not having seen seasons for so long either, I forgot that that would be a second indicator of the hallowed week that is


Wait, there’s a whole week of this? Uh oh.

I’ve tried so hard to tear myself away from the TV all summer, but I’m a creature of habit with a penchant for background noise. I have speakers for my mp3 player, that’s helped. But last night, I rather innocently turned on the TV after our workout to watch MNF, and my hero, Vince Young *something like a phenomenon* tear it up like a champ.
Suddenly, husband flips around and starts watching Chuck.


Then the vortex SUCKED US IN. I’m all, what? That show I blogged about watching is on? Heroes premiere episode tonight? WHAT? The Bachelor?!? From AUSTIN??? Gotta watch that. What else? Dancing with the Stars? Who’s on, wait, stop me. That stuff is terrible, change the channel fast.

So: That Chuck show was pretty good. And MK liked it, which says a lot.
The Big Bang Theory was more terrible than I possibly could have imagined. I retract that previous post about thinking it might survive. Really, baaaaad.
Heroes, I forgot all about you. I’m confused. You better get good for me.
The Bachelor had me wondering when on EARTH impressing a man with your career and hobbies stopped and it became a webbed toed crazy lady contest. First impression should be for beauty or features, not singing dancing and contortion crap. It was embarrassingly fun to watch. Good luck Brad.

I spent time this morning looking through what else I’m going to watch – hoping not to become a couch potato. Tonight, only thing I’ll see is my Law and Order. SVU premiere has Cynthia Nixon, a Sex in the City lady. Looks hilarious.

brian the bachelor family guy

Breakin’ The Law

Shh, don’t tell anyone, but last week another adventure of ours was checking out Snoqualmie Falls. I mentioned it once before (click here for that post). This time the weather was much better, and we did the hike to the bottom, and jumped the fence, right next to the big sign that said don’t jump the fence, and walked down to the water. I wasn’t too worried, there were a ton of other conspirators down there. It was amazing. It cleared out after a while and MK and NN noticed an abandoned raft. So, what else do you do but jump in it in the water, the most totally inappropriate thing possible. The guys both floated around in the water for a while, I sat and laughed the whole time. In theory, a 5$ plastic boat at the bottom of falls taller than Niagara may seem crazy but it was in fact, awesome.

We took a ton of pics, here’s the link to some.

There are also four pictures from the top of the Columbia Center, which I also mentioned before, here’s that post.

Just Plain Lazy

Click here for information. It’s not blogworthy as a story, but in a list, well ok.


Five Recent Excuses I’ve used For Not Working Out:

  1. Sitting around makes me more tired.
  2. I think it might be, like, fall or something outside.
  3. This bag of salt and vinegar chips looks lonely.
  4. All running does is mess up my pedicure.
  5. Everyone else has such fancy pedometer/music/map/shoe/distance meters. I need one.

workout excuses

Mark Ecko Makes Me Laugh

Here’s the story:

Ecko is Awesome – that’s right, it’s up to us to decide the fate of#756.
Bonds called him an idiot. Ouch. Now he has no team – bigger ouch!

I told you I was in the stands at the Mariners/Red Sox listening to him booed by thousands when he hit 755. (WTF is up with my Red Sox, btw?)

This is that story.

Here’s the site,

Vote 756 dot com

if you want to vote. I went for “Brand It” because that’s what I feel the situation deserves. It won’t be forgotten. But it could serve as a lesson.
No, snippy, it’s different than the Pats. Just because it is.

mark ecko

ACL Memories

About this time last year, I started a blog. And I started doing fun things. With friends. Now, I still have blog, I still do fun things, but my best friends are in Austin, and I am in Seattle.

The biggest weekend that I missed this past 6 months certainly was this past weekend: Austin City Limits. This is my little tribute to the memory. I heard great things about this year from friends and only wish I was there! I went back today and found how I made a schedule, then told you all about

I hope you enjoyed this little flashback. There’s nothing like the real thing, and well, I wasn’t there. But if you must know, here’s a couple peeps you can peruse for stories: