Pure Cuteness

Not too many words, just my favorite non relative cutest kid ever on the entire planet, in a Christmas Dora tent, Christmas dress up jewels, and the awesomest Longhorn shirt ever.





Park City Utah During Ski Season

Every place that we have lived has been a learning experience. Seattle right downtown gave us real city living. San Diego, of course, showed us life’s a beach. And here in the middle of Park City ski season we are learning what it feels to be like the other 8000 people completely shocked by the behavior of the people just stopping by.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t judge everyone. BB certainly can, and will feel free to point out every terrible non-capable-snow-driver (to keep swear words out of the blog). He’s an expert at this on the slopes as well. I’ve only noticed that there are people that act the way they always do, totally cool and normal, and people who should be made to wear giant bumper stickers on their backs that say “Excuse me”.

The driving is one thing. I like to think that when we visited even if we didn’t know exactly where we were going, we didn’t endanger any lives. I like to think that wherever we fly we aren’t that out of the loop. Our main shopping for necessities here typically takes place in the Wal-Mart, because it is the closest. Mostly since the holidays started, people are tearing that place up. No one picks up after themselves. If they or their children drop something, they walk away. One lady, instead of trying to move around me, plowed straight into me with her cart. Awesome. I certainly hope it’s holiday-shopping-itis. but I don’t think so. And if you’re wondering how I know if they’re local or not, come visit. It’s pretty clear. Tourists complain more about things they don’t like, out loud. Some people here act like you don’t speak the same language if you tell them something they don’t want to hear.

There is another kind of tourist, though. And TB was quick to point out – without them, we’d have no good people watching. Deer Valley is a premiere ski resort destination. There are homes worth more than Donald Trump out here. I’m never going to get tired of the older done up ladies trying to drag their giant fur coats through muddy mushy snow. Or the once every ten year skier:

tourista fashionista

tourista fashionista

PS – Don’t get me started on this crap – the post I found the pic from…

That Time Again

So it’s that time of year, when the blogging is slim, the holidays are abounding or whatever it is they do to you, and we’re planning on starting over fresh.

Our little plan kind of backfired. We wanted to wait until after Christmas and splurge on some things for each other. Nothing we really wanted was even on sale, and there’s actually not much we really want, or need. So far I’ve spent 7$, on some eye shadow. We’ve been down in our bat cave playing the new Xbox 360 MK got himself for his gift. That is when we’re not skiing. Skiing Christmas Eve Eve was a blast, and the day after Christmas TB’s family got to watch us come down the most challenging runs I’ve done yet. Living at the mountain instead of visiting really does do wonders.

My Christmas Eve this year was similar to last year in only one regard: fajitas. TB invited us over and we hung out relaxed style as the snow storm began. Christmas day we opened the great gifts MIL had sent, watched parades and ate junk food. The rest of the week we skied, as I mentioned, and got to hang out with the TB family. I even got my first (of many to come…) Cranium night.

The end of a year is always a fun and unique time with us, but I always get a little lonely even though I got to visit my family this year. So it was extra special to steal a little TB family love. Now the tree is down, the tourists are everywhere, and we’re looking forward to another storm and some more good times.

I’ve got my cousin JM coming, then WB, KD, JC, NN, ND and co., SH, JM, A and NH, and maybe even a SF. So the fun for us is just getting started. These folks should keep me busy. So the break in excitement is good, I’m going to be cooking and cleaning until March. And there’s nothing that could make me happier! 🙂

I’m going on auto post for a few days, see you here next year!

Postponing Christmas

It has been a little slow around here, and I’m assuming everyone is off decking their halls and mistletoeing each other…but I’ve got more serious things to worry about than why you’re too busy to visit Somegosoftly. As a matter of fact, Christmas is being postponed over here. Myriad of reasons including:

1. Company. It’s going to be a madhouse now until March, so I’ve got to be prepared.

2. This skiing thing. Seriously. I’m kicking my own butt. See #1. The company needs to know that I too can make it down a mountain. After my big spill it’s like starting from scratch.

3. Discounts. MK and I have a plan to spend X dollars on each other in the days following Christmas, then repeatedly brag to all of you how much more we got than you sillies that shopped normal prices.

4.Might be snowed in. Expecting a foot or two starting tomorrow.

No idea who made this interesting little pic:

Great Inspiration

If you don’t know who he is, shame on you. Look it up. I suggest Netflix, Watch Instantly.


Five Favorite Warren Miller Quotes:

  1. If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.
  2. Adventure is the invitation to common people to become uncommon.
  3. If you don’t scare yourself at least a few times every time you ski, you’re doing something wrong.
  4. Don’t take life seriously because you can’t come out of it alive.
  5. The absolute speed of life is one second per second.


Scaring Mom

Apparently if you fall and hit your head on the side even if you have a helmet, you can get whiplash. So after a fun day of skiing and a fun night of bars, you can wake up the next morning immobile.

Good news is I’ll be fine, but today watching tv stuck in bed was not fun. BB and TB took super good care of me and cooked us all the best dinner ever so I had a free pass to rest up and heal. Typical me that this happens with company but I almost think he was expecting it 😉 . I’ll be on bed/wine/heatpad rest until further notice…

Deal With It

So the BIL is here. And I’m exhausted. Disclaimer:  I know that there are a few of you anxious to hear about every mountain adventure, the ones (yay! – my favorites 🙂 ) that have trips planned out here and that can’t wait for skiing. I also know that there are some people that will check the site again in six months and hope I ended up somewhere they are more interested in. But this skiing thing is new and fascinating to me so while I’ll try to break it up a bit you can expect more of the same.

BIL made it in right before the snow. It was already coming down when e woke up and it didn’t stop until just a bit ago. After a delicious breakfast (if I do say so myself) we had to really do a number on the driveway to get out. Apparently there is a problem with the snowblower. That is going to need to be taken care of. Soon.

There are too many funny little things that happen when these to men get together; let’s just leave it at an incredible day. We skiied our first full day and even got to meet up with TB, BB, and family. Deer Valley got so much snow they were able to open up a ton more runs. And I don’t care what you hear, I tore up some deep fresh pow. (That’s what they call it around here…)

BIL is our test run. We are playing in the snow. And finding the good bars open on weeknights. And I’m trying new recipes. So when everyone comes, they’ll be welcomed with our best. Fortunately, rumor has it BIL is getting the best. I like not have to try too hard ;).