End Of Summer

This was the longest weekend of our entire lives, I’m sure!

We spent the entire day Saturday on the beach playing volleyball, then ate out with friends, ran a ton of awful errands for Sunday, and went to an art show downtown with CH. I had never been up and on the beach that active that early since we moved here! MK was actually up even earlier playing on the fancy good guys courts, then came and met up with us average joes. It was a full day.

Sunday we set up the nets at our friend’s place at 9AM, grabbed breakfast with MR and brought over all the drinks for the end of year Volleyball Hash party. We had an amazing time playing volleyball, watching football, and eating and drinking all afternoon. CH got a name I’m not sharing, as did MS and NL! I even got BJ to join us – my high school friend I’ve seen once in ten years. We headed to Beachcomber and stayed up way past our bedtime with some of the nicest people that we’ve met in San Diego. We really were lucky to meet this group of people and share some really great times with them. The party couldn’t have been a bigger success, and spending time with MS, KO, DK and other friends made me really think about how great this summer has been.

Even thought it’s probably going to be 75 and sunny for many more days here, this weekend was a bittersweet way to close another chapter.


Get It?

Nothing is more important around here than a good Halloween costume. But we always forget and are last minute and come up with nothing good. So internet buddies – I need your help! Will anyone know who I am if this is my costume?

That is the ‘sexy’ version I’d try to make, this is the where she’s from if you’re stumped:

Here is a link to all you need to know about the show.

I totally used to love this show when I was a kid, and had the computer games too! Remember the nerdy singing guys, Rockapella?

Remember how cute the kids were, in their little jackets?


I think it’s funny since we move all around – so, where in the world am I, and it’s doable, proof:

And her last name is Sandiego. That’s funny, right?

Tell me what you think!


Three years is a long time to be ‘funemployed’. We’ve lived in a couple different cities, I learned to ski, I wrote two books that I wish some magic fairy would just publish for me already. I’m kinda ready to go back to work. To try something new. Some extra cash in our house hunting account wouldn’t hurt either. I’m finally ready to contribute something to this marriage and stop being so lazy.

Crazy, right?

What will the beach do without me lying around all day? How will TNT stay afloat? The library? WordPress even?!?!

Well, magically I think those things will be okay. But how will I be? How many times will I have to practice getting up to the sound of an alarm? Wearing heels again? Wearing (please no) a suit maybe? There are a lot of no fun things about jobs – you all would know better than me, most of you have had one this whole time. I on the other hand, even though I’m excited about the possibility of trying something new, am in reality terrified. I haven’t yet figured out what to put on my resume for the last three years- the internet suggests I list all my volunteer activities *giggle*. So I’m trying not to stress about HAVING a job – but then I start stressing about my ability to GET a job, especially a FUN one.

And there’s one thing that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt: I’m going to suck at it. No matter what job I get, remembering a routine, following orders, and not putting my foot in my mouth is going to be impossible. And I’m going to be embarrassed. Probably frequently. And I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than embarrassing myself. Too bad MK won’t just let me go back to school – that I think I could handle.


Tuesday after Labor Day I got up and ran some errands in an effort to look productive after a super loooong weekend.

I stopped at the bank around noon and the teller looks at me (I thought I looked okay) and is all “How’s the recovery going?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, then remembered it was a long fuzzy weekend. And we laughed and talked about what we did and I got over my initial shock of thinking I looked like I had a botched nose job or something.

MK had scuba all weekend with MB, so Saturday I got JC (MB’s girl) and we did a little shopping, had a little lunch, and  I dropped her off with her family. There was another innertube event, this time christened “Floatopia”, and it was right out side my place, so I walked down to the water just to check it out – and ended up seeing my friends right away and hanging out for a bit. It was bigger and crazier but not any better or worse than last time (if you still haven’t seen the video it’s in the comments here). Sunday I went to a giant boat party all day with MR then came home for a big huge dinner and a movie.

Monday MK went sailing so I threw a party without him. Not really, but some neighbors were playing volleyball and so MR CH JC and MB came over and much bay style beach drinking volleyball playing fun was had. Almost too much fun – so we went to MB’s and made a big dinner and played Rock Band until we couldn’t see straight. The whole weekend did leave me totally wiped out and after recalling only half of it I thought the bank guy was funny – he had to get back to real life – at least I got to sleep in!