I’m Asking The Question(s)

The interaction we have on this site is my favorite, more than telling you about my day, or making you look at pictures of me, or making lists for you. So I’m going to try to force a little on you and see if it works. I want all of you, even the ones who aren’t regular commentors (make up a name if you’re shy, no one has to know) to answer my question in the comments.

Let’s say that you get stopped on the street and offered 100$ to write a quick informational article about anything, simply based on your own knowledge. “Write what you know”.

What topic* would you pick that you’d consider yourself most expert on?

 If you are a stay at home mom parenting articles should come naturally to you. If you are a home school parent you know that is a full time job and will lead to many good topics. Your hobbies are a good place to start. Things like classic cars or crafts. Things that may be routine to you are totally foreign to many of us. If you do it for a living you are probably more knowledgeable than 95 percent of us on that topic.2

Think of things that you get asked questions about by friends and family. What do people call you for advice on? That would be a great place to brainstorm. Do you get called for cooking tips? Are you the neighborhood backyard mechanic? Maybe you have a great marriage and your friend ask you for relationship advice. Anything people turn to you to pick your brain is a viable topic. (via ehow.com)
Does this count as an example?
*Of course if you’re so smart you can’t pick just one, I’ll accept lists**.

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9 thoughts on “I’m Asking The Question(s)

  1. Ha! Can you be an expert at rationalizing purchases? Or diaper-changing? Or memorizing cartoon theme-songs? Oh, I could also write a killer article on how to gain weight without really trying… but no one would pay for that.

  2. I basically read and write for a living and get sick of the writing part, so they would have to offer me a lot more than $100. That said, I can tell you way more about insurance and obscure provisions of the tax code than you ever wanted to know.

  3. I believe “obscure provisions of the tax code” is redundant. 🙂 I don’t envy you… okay, there are days that I miss the paycheck.

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