A Great Thanksgiving

You read it right, and I’m not crazy. You see, we came to a fun decision today in the SGS household. MK’s favorite holiday meal is pretty much always a carb filled Thanksgiving – turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls. We don’t vary it. So today at our Thanksgiving style Easter dinner, we realized Easter has a lot to do with Thanksgiving – and that we would love to give thanks for all our blessings all the time.

We have so much to be thankful for, Thanksgiving is going to be more frequent around here. We’re going to have a big sit down dinner focused on thankfulness once a month. It might be the only time I’m allowed all those goodies! 🙂

How hilarious and cool will we be if we have kids? “Mom, can I go to the SGS house this week for dinner?” “Why?” “It’s Thanksgiving.” “No, it’s June.” “They have Thanksgiving once a month!”

But it’s not about being cool, or the food, I promise. It’s a little more making sure we connect. With just the two of us, and both of us trying to not be all about food all the time, dinners have gotten smaller, less formal, and more just to refuel. We think a little more ceremony will be fun.

SomeGoSoftly hopes you all had an amazing Easter and joy filled weekend!


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No Control

I’m feeling pretty lost right now. The reality of losing my grandmother still hasn’t hit me. The reminder stings – that nothing is in our hands, that we have no control, that we don’t get to pick when or how, not for us, not for our loved ones.

I want to move on, celebrate her life – do all those things people tell you to. I want to not be bitter, sad, angry or confused. That will take me some time. My grandmother was such an amazing part of my life- I wasn’t ready for that part to be over.

As we finally let go of a loved one who has died, we move into the last part of our “grief work”. This doesn’t mean that we become our old selves again. We will never be our old selves again. We come out of any kind of deep grief as different persons than we were before.                                ~Barbara Johnson

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What About The Internet?

The research began after a long, thought provoking weekend during which I attended Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade and began to rethink how I feel about a lot of things. I began to root around a little for explanations and theories about Christianity and homosexuality. And this is what I found:

God hates shrimp

I wonder what He thinks about the internet.

On the one hand, that is a fun little way to think about things, sort of. On the other, I think it’s painfully obvious people (including me) have too much time on their hands. Unfortunately it didn’t bring me any new realizations…



Joseph Smith, teetotalers, and sacred underwear, oh my!

The husband and I have been living in the Texas heat for a combined total of 41 years. Rather than becoming acclimated to living in the moist oven that is Austin, Texas from April through October, our bodies have reached a point of critical thermal mass. We can take it no longer! And so, this July, we will be making the most of a 26-foot Penske truck and moving to the land of Big Love… Utah. That’s right you dirty polygamists, we’re headed your way!

When we tell people about our plans, to a soul they respond with some variation of the question: “But, you’re not Mormon, are you?” The answer is no, we are Catholic– and although we may not attend mass weekly, I was raised in Catholic schools and have attended so many masses, vigils, rosaries and reenactments of Christ’s crucifixion that I could probably remain a shut-in for the next ten years and still come out ahead of most “good” Catholics. Yes, we know that Utah is infested with proselytizing Mormons. So why move there? It’s simple. SNOW.

Yet, I must admit, the inevitable materialization of pair after pair of young aryan men knocking on our door to inquire upon the state of our relationship with “Father” is somewhat disconcerting. How do we go about telling them, politely, that they can take the tainted Kool-Aid elsewhere? “Take us off your list?” “No thanks, you can give our seats on the Mother-ship to some other deserving couple.” “Nice suit. My cell-mate used to dress up for me sorta like that…. Wanna come in?”

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this excellently written post are not the views of Somegosoftly and Somegosoftly takes no responsibility for anything offensive or immoral that may be contained herein. Any similarity to actual Mormons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Comments or complaints regarding this post may be directed to: 123 Crybaby Lane, Sissyville 98765.*

Made For Heaven

My kingdom does not belong to this world.

John 18:36


Unhappiness on earth cultivates a hunger for heaven. By gracing us with a deep dissatisfaction, God holds our attention. The only tragedy, then, is to be satisfied prematurely. To settle for earth. To be content in a strange land…

We are not happy here because we are not at home here. We are not happy here because we are not supposed to be happy here. We are like “foreigners and strangers in this world” (1 Pet. 2:11)…

And you will never be completely happy on earth simply because you were not made for earth. Oh, you will have your moments of joy. You will catch glimpses of light. You will know moments or even days of peace. But they simply do not compare with the happiness that lies ahead.

-from Max Lucado’s Grace for the Moment



I’ve been a little frustrated lately with the way some things in my life have been going. I am so blessed, so fortunate, to not need or want for anything. My life is full of wonderful people and great memories. Sometimes, despite all that, little things can get in the way. That can happen to everyone. I’m never one to admit something is wrong, I’d rather forget it or make it disappear. Unless it doesn’t make sense, then I worry. Lately, I’ve been worrying far too much.

I also don’t think in complete sentences, or thoughts. I’d found continually just when I think I had something or someone figured out, an event would come along to change my ideas completely. It was easier to simply coast along on the surface.

I had an amazing night last night. KE took me to Austin Stone Community Church. I haven’t been to any church in quite some time, and I’m pretty sure this was the problem in my life. The feeling was overwhelming. I can’t wait to belong, to continue to grow, to return to my faith, and to people who know what they are doing in this life: preparing for the next, and owning their being and serving others with it, not themselves.

It was truly a rewarding experience. I hadn’t expected much, from a 7pm service in the high school. I got so much more than I imagined. Real hope springs from turning my life around and getting excited again about doing something amazing.