Double Fail

Guess how many days of yoga and blogging I accomplished?

30 reasons I don’t make New Years resolutions. Since that’s just plain sad, I’m going to throw myself in to this again. Yoga recommencing soon and a real resolution: No fast food in February.

I’ll keep you posted!

No regrets, though. So far 2011 is (you guessed it Momm) the best ever!

Take a look at all the books I’ve already read under the Books tab at the top. MK got me 1500.

Happy Birthday

What a great day! A little snow, a little work, a lot of fun, friends, food and partying. Can’t believe I’m “working” right now, trying to wow Ski Utah with videos on par with my original…

But I did get to enjoy some sushi, basically my only goal for the day. Good times. Last night we were out at midnight, I’m not too old yet! My phone battery died twice with all the notifications and texts from all my lovely friends. Feeling pretty good!

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End Of Me

That Kindle is too cool. Plus the 400 some odd books on it so far. I was supposed to get a lot done today, but in between house stuff I already read a full book in a few hours! The best thing is how little it bothers my eyes! I’m already thinking of all of the things I’m not going to get done because of it. Not only that, I’m looking forward to my hair appointment. It’s got me thinking of other things that I won’t mind anymore, like waiting for the car to be serviced, for a doctor/dentist appointment, all those things I’d get bored waiting around doing if nothing fun was going on on the internet to look at on my phone.

I watched TV tonight for a minute with my laptop, Kindle, camcorder, camera and phone all on the couch by me. So many fun toys! But it is hard to concentrate on making a video, sending a text, and reading a book!

Another Birthday Month

Every year, January has been my birthday month.

That totally sounds retarded.

Every January, I celebrate my birthday for a month. That’s better.

It is my birthday month, all month. It’s all about me. I want a beer? “It’s’ my birthday month”. I want company to come visit? “It’s my birthday month”.

So far, there have been some highs and lows.


  • See previous post.
  • LP and CM came up and hung out this weekend, I made myself a cake, had a bottle of wine.
  • We filmed some seriously silly Ski Utah videos (stay tuned).
  • I took a snowboarding lesson!


  • Stupid Patriots.

SB is coming soon, with presents and promises for even more silly video making shenanigans. I can’t wait.We’ve even got tickets to see Ghostland Observatory and Das Racist.  Hopefully the rest of the month is as great as great as it’s started out. It will make me forget the getting older, entering (gasp) the last year of my twenties part.