Not Thinking

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Fridays come quicker when you’re counting them!


Five Things I Miss About College:

  1. Not needing sleep.
  2. The money I used to get in holiday cards.
  3. Pizza or wings, every night.
  4. Not having a drinking ‘problem’ if I did 6 nights a week.
  5. Looking like a coed.

family guy college


What About The Internet?

The research began after a long, thought provoking weekend during which I attended Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade and began to rethink how I feel about a lot of things. I began to root around a little for explanations and theories about Christianity and homosexuality. And this is what I found:

God hates shrimp

I wonder what He thinks about the internet.

On the one hand, that is a fun little way to think about things, sort of. On the other, I think it’s painfully obvious people (including me) have too much time on their hands. Unfortunately it didn’t bring me any new realizations…



Very Important Plans

This weekend needs to hurry up and wrap itself up, I have some very important plans coming up:


I haven’t written in paint in quite some time…but, THAT’S RIGHT, there will be giant parties Monday through Wednesday for the Red Sox, apparently if you’re not a Mariner fan, you root for the BoSox. I can’t wait!!! They’ve got Sox Nation set up in the beer garden. Now all I need is a NESN sign so I get on tv… Monday will be super fun as CD and I head out there with a giant girls group, and also visit the Pyramid Brewery outside the stadium for the parties. Can’t wait!!!

My First Friday Fives

See the pages for the information, if you’re a blogger, and if you’re not, feel free to add your five in a comment! Don’t be surprised if I’m the only one doing this for a while ever, it might take a lot of effort to make it stick. Truth is this is the bloggy way of getting out of typical posts once a week:

Five TV Shows I’m Embarrassed To Admit(But True) That I Will Be Watching This Summer:

  1. Top Chef, Miami
  2. Age of Love
  3. Rock of Love
  4. ER reruns
  5. Dawson’s Creek

top chef logo

Permanent Vacation

Mom is a little jealous. It is kind of like we’re on a permanent vacation. Except we know it just might, someday, end. Today is not that day. Yesterday we toured every outskirt of Seattle that we’d seen from the boat to find the parks and ‘beaches’. We saw an ice cream truck, giants, and a lady that sings to the geese. Loudly. We found a State Park with a heated indoor pool and indoor tennis courts. And more beaches. I stuck my toes in the water and decided I certainly have not lived up north long enough to remember that I used to swim at Old Orchard Beach in Maine, which I think was around 45 degrees in August.

I am now fairly bronzed, and this morning treated myself to a pedicure, something I had sworn off in an effort to reduce my spending, but they’re less that 20$ here, so why not give it a go? I was a little nervous that the cheapness would result in toe fungus, and prepared to run off mid polish in necessary. However, it was even better here than in Austin. I was divinely pampered.

park view

Lakes Washington And Union; Hooters And Horns

We rented a boat yesterday to check out some of the fair waterways we now find ourselves surrounded by. Not sure what the real temperature ever is around here, I had shorts, tanks, sweats, and a rain coat, just in case. Luckily, it was fairly warm. The views of Mt. Rainier and Seattle from Lake Washington are spectacular. We gawked at most of the houses, this one had a ROCK CLIMBING wall, can you believe that?


The only thing stranger than any body of water I’ve ever been on is the constant landing and taking off of seaplanes. You never can tell where they’re headed until they’re NEAR you. Yikes.

After a power workout we headed back out to South Lake Union. On Tuesdays they have sailing races that you can watch. It was amazing to see how many sail boats were out there.


After watching for a while, we headed out to Lock Spot Cafe to see if any one famous from the Deadliest Catch was going to show up for the finale…and passed by a Hooters. With Longhorn signs all over. Upon further inquiry, we learned it’s Texas Exes central during football season. More importantly, they kick off the season by SHIPPING UP BBQ and throwing a big party.
Only 72 days, 23 hours, 43 minutes to go…