Not Thinking

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Fridays come quicker when you’re counting them!


Five Things I Miss About College:

  1. Not needing sleep.
  2. The money I used to get in holiday cards.
  3. Pizza or wings, every night.
  4. Not having a drinking ‘problem’ if I did 6 nights a week.
  5. Looking like a coed.

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Totally Tame

This blog needs to get spiced up a little:

Online Dating

Found via fracas

I guess I’m not cutting it by following deep thoughts on Christianity vs. Homosexuality with a ‘boozing’ list, but they did site me for using the word ‘gay’…

What About The Internet?

The research began after a long, thought provoking weekend during which I attended Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade and began to rethink how I feel about a lot of things. I began to root around a little for explanations and theories about Christianity and homosexuality. And this is what I found:

God hates shrimp

I wonder what He thinks about the internet.

On the one hand, that is a fun little way to think about things, sort of. On the other, I think it’s painfully obvious people (including me) have too much time on their hands. Unfortunately it didn’t bring me any new realizations…



Very Important Plans

This weekend needs to hurry up and wrap itself up, I have some very important plans coming up:


I haven’t written in paint in quite some time…but, THAT’S RIGHT, there will be giant parties Monday through Wednesday for the Red Sox, apparently if you’re not a Mariner fan, you root for the BoSox. I can’t wait!!! They’ve got Sox Nation set up in the beer garden. Now all I need is a NESN sign so I get on tv… Monday will be super fun as CD and I head out there with a giant girls group, and also visit the Pyramid Brewery outside the stadium for the parties. Can’t wait!!!