Extended Summer

One thing I am not a super huge fan of on Facebook, almost as much as typos, is you telling me about the weather. “It’s nice out” doesn’t really merit my attention. I could see it if you were in the middle of a crazy hurricane, but then again, get off Facebook and go stand in the doorway or whatever it is you’re supposed to do.

But San Diego is killing me! Every day this past week I’ve had to resist the temptation to post an update letting everyone know that it is the Best Day Ever. It’s been super warm and sunny. MK and I took our cruisers out every day, went and worked out, walked the beach, dined al fresco, and got tons of sun. You wouldn’t even know it was October!

We have been super spoiled with this beach condo. Float parties right outside our door, a giant hot tub, good friends- Dude, a beach wedding(!), my brother moving here(!), and enough beach volleyball to exhaust anyone. (I never told you guys my DADD got out there and played with us!!)

So, San Diego, and everyone I love so much in it, thanks for making this without a doubt one of the best summers I’ve ever had!

Ocean Beach Oktoberfest

Anyone know why they spell it with a “K”? Is that a German thing? Makes it more authentic? I know next to nothing about the German culture. If I were to base my slim knowledge on the Ocean Beach Oktoberfest, I would have to say that Germans have lots of eating and drinking contests…

I volunteered to help with the 5K Fun Run the morning of the Beerfest. I made 300+ Jello Shots for said run- the Hash House Harriers run in style. We organised people, got them their wristbands, and sent them on their way. We drove to meet them and give them said Jello Shots. We drove back to the Beer Garden and redeemed the four drink tickets we earned for our hard work.

I made it through one Vodka Red Bull, but it was tough, it was 10AM or so. Then I powered down a few of those Jello Shots. I’m only telling you this so that you completely understand what I was thinking when I volunteered for the Beer Stein holding contest. Because after a little Vodka, OF COURSE these silly little arms could win 1st prize!

But then I was nervous. One drink coupon was also redeemable for swag, so I got a nice little boot on a lanyard. Then I used my last ticket to fill that boot with liquid courage (beer). And we were off. Then ten girls I was with were fortunately mostly Hashers. The only drawbacks to this were that 1. They are strong 2. My scare tactics didn’t work 3. All the boys were watching.

Side note: I am not one to make excuses, but it is pretty funny that just as my poor little bird wings were going flapping, my cell phone vibrated. It was where I always put my cell phone after a run if I don’t have pockets. That did it for me.

I was first one out. Oh well. We watched the boys, ate at Sunshine Brewing Company, and had a fun time watching bands and Brat eating contests.


Yet again, terrible cell phone pictures.

This is the sausage you had to toss in an itty bitty bucket far away to win a chance to roll some dice to win $10,000. Riiiight.

sausage toss


Winter Wins

Dude, winter rules. I left San Diego during one of those sunny and 75 degree days I told you were going to stick around. That’s why people love San Diego. I get it.

Then I fly back to Park City (if you’re counting this is the third trip). And it’s SNOWING. On September 30th.

Tell me what you’re thinking. “That sucks”? “Lame”? “Brr”? I’m thinking: “Awesome”. It was crazy. I wanted to stay! TB drove me to the airport and announced that she really loved winter. And I had to agree.

Dooce twittered that her daughter said something like “think of all the hot cocoa we get to drink”! I’m right there with her. Yay winter, snow, hot cocoa, skiing, and yes, even shoveling.

Don’t get me wrong, the beach is great. But if I have to pick what gets me more excited, I think I’m going for the cold weather. Besides, the beach is easier to visit. All you need is a bikini.

End Of Summer

This was the longest weekend of our entire lives, I’m sure!

We spent the entire day Saturday on the beach playing volleyball, then ate out with friends, ran a ton of awful errands for Sunday, and went to an art show downtown with CH. I had never been up and on the beach that active that early since we moved here! MK was actually up even earlier playing on the fancy good guys courts, then came and met up with us average joes. It was a full day.

Sunday we set up the nets at our friend’s place at 9AM, grabbed breakfast with MR and brought over all the drinks for the end of year Volleyball Hash party. We had an amazing time playing volleyball, watching football, and eating and drinking all afternoon. CH got a name I’m not sharing, as did MS and NL! I even got BJ to join us – my high school friend I’ve seen once in ten years. We headed to Beachcomber and stayed up way past our bedtime with some of the nicest people that we’ve met in San Diego. We really were lucky to meet this group of people and share some really great times with them. The party couldn’t have been a bigger success, and spending time with MS, KO, DK and other friends made me really think about how great this summer has been.

Even thought it’s probably going to be 75 and sunny for many more days here, this weekend was a bittersweet way to close another chapter.


Tuesday after Labor Day I got up and ran some errands in an effort to look productive after a super loooong weekend.

I stopped at the bank around noon and the teller looks at me (I thought I looked okay) and is all “How’s the recovery going?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, then remembered it was a long fuzzy weekend. And we laughed and talked about what we did and I got over my initial shock of thinking I looked like I had a botched nose job or something.

MK had scuba all weekend with MB, so Saturday I got JC (MB’s girl) and we did a little shopping, had a little lunch, and  I dropped her off with her family. There was another innertube event, this time christened “Floatopia”, and it was right out side my place, so I walked down to the water just to check it out – and ended up seeing my friends right away and hanging out for a bit. It was bigger and crazier but not any better or worse than last time (if you still haven’t seen the video it’s in the comments here). Sunday I went to a giant boat party all day with MR then came home for a big huge dinner and a movie.

Monday MK went sailing so I threw a party without him. Not really, but some neighbors were playing volleyball and so MR CH JC and MB came over and much bay style beach drinking volleyball playing fun was had. Almost too much fun – so we went to MB’s and made a big dinner and played Rock Band until we couldn’t see straight. The whole weekend did leave me totally wiped out and after recalling only half of it I thought the bank guy was funny – he had to get back to real life – at least I got to sleep in!

Get To Work

You’d think with only one thing I’m supposed to do every day, to stop by and say “Hi”, I could handle it! But no!

I had a hard time even getting in front of a computer all last week. We went out last Friday night to see District 9 (go see it!!!) with my brother, then downtown with some great friends. MK played volleyball Saturday AM and went to get his Mom at the airport. I furiously cleaned the whole house, cleaned myself, and made it look like we were even remotely ready to host company (minus the totally empty refrigerator). MIL fell in love with Temecula when we drove through on the way to LA, so we took her back.

I have to tell you, spending two whole days of my life that I can’t get back made me realize this:  I can’t live there. At least not until I feel old. Well, some days i do feel old, so that’s not it. I guess I’d need 3 kids, and a minivan. And a desire to farm avocados and citrus. And I might never have any of those things! The place is beautiful and cheap, but it’s just not for me. It’s too far from San Diego, we’d still have to rent here. There are some days I’m so over the fast paced life we’re racing trough in San Diego, but Temecula would be a change for the worse, not a fun alternative. I banned it.

We also took MIL sailing, which she seemed to really enjoy, and for many walks around the bay. It is nice to host quieter company over here, they really like just relaxing by the water.

Real (Pain) Estate

For a while there when we lived in Austin nothing was more fun than looking at houses. MK had a Real Estate license, we had two other couples that would join us – looking for all three families, and when MK was making more money we were imagining paying top dollar for giant houses on acres of land. There was no limit to the time we’d spend out on weekends checking out 3000 square foot and above homes debating whether a pool or a four car garage was more important. We must have gone in every house that was for sale over a period of a few months.

We looked far and wide and realized that although we weren’t sure what we wanted, we weren’t finding it. Thus began our attempt to find what was missing by trying new cities. We drove around Seattle occasionally but didn’t really think it was for us either. The first time we were in San Diego we browsed the internet and learned that living in the greatest place on earth comes at a premium. So in Park City the idea came to us to find a house there to settle in and continue to live the beach lifestyle that we love by renting. I’m a big fan of this one. MK might have forgotten it.

Lately MK’s gotten the idea in his head that we need to buy something in San Diego. I’m not sure what this is all about. But after the time that has passed and the price difference from what we saw in Austin and what that computes to here – I’m so over it. For a ton more money, we’re reduced to condos and forclosure houses. Miserable ones. It stopped being fun when the questions now are like “Where would we take the laundry?” and “Think duct tape could fix that?”.

It’s not exactly like we think we deserve a house like this (no, really – click the link and look at that place) but something liveable would be nice. I hope MK gets over this silly idea instead of putting us in the wrong place!