Park City Party

There’s not much to exploring the nightlife of Park City. But at least now that the slopes are open there are some tourists and things are starting to pick up (and get more expensive, boo). Those that did ski tend to favor happy hour or the bars on the slopes. We wanted to see if anyone would be out you know- at night time. The Main Street down town has maybe a dozen bars. We had a drink at Kristauf’s Martini Bar and when that place cleared out we headed to the biggest group of people on the street and discovered a basement bar appropriately named “Downstairs”.

Imagine my surprise to find out that we not only stumbled upon a super busy bar, but one with no cover, good drink prices, and a guest DJ. A celebrity guest DJ. Danny Masterson. That’s right. He was great. Turns out he owns the place. It was pretty exciting to know that although we might feel like we are in the middle of nowhere, there will still be things to do and goings on. It’s going to take at least that to convince me to get dressed up and head out in the freezing cold.

Updated Nov ’09 to add: Follow Downstairs on Twitter!


7 thoughts on “Park City Party

  1. I wouldn’t mind having front row seats to a battle between the Mormons and Scientologists… actually, I think I’d like a job organizing and marketing that.

  2. I didn’t even think of that, 1. this guy is banned for being crazy, 2. pray TC and co. don’t show up for Sundance. You know I’ll end up arrested. Temple Square already has a restraining order against me…

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