2014 wishes for you




Look around here in the past. This used to be such a thrilling time of the year. I was moving around years ago on Halloweens, starting to write books for NaNoWriMo. Seeing people I know now taking on the challenge to write a novel in a month makes me nostalgic!

Things are still thrilling, just in a different way.

I gave up my goals again and again in favor of new opportunities.

I also kept them on the back burner.

As much as I try to bring my books to life, I scare myself. I second guess things. I give up on editing.

I’m sitting now with a perfect couple of chapters, written, rewritten, and crafted to the best of my ability.

I’m happy blogging, freelancing, and continuing to sit and wonder if I can lift a book into a reality of published work. And I still believe it can happen.

I spend time waiting for everything to fall into place. Besides relationships I need to work to improve, my life has never been better.  I’ve met wonderful new friends, and I am continuing to enjoy the perks of Ski Utah. My family and I have been able to spend more time together than ever. I quit drinking, and started two-a-day workouts to prepare for the ultimate ski season. The snow is starting to fly.

I’m so blessed!


So, I did get some other gifts too…

First thing I love: Christmas decorations at 60% off.

(Doesn’t this look like something out of a magazine?

And it’s just a wreath for MY fireplace! And it was SEVEN DOLLARS).

Second: A Dadd who spent forever finding me some vintage skis to hang and make some art out of for the house!




We don’t really DO Christmas. I get sad about it sometime, staying here to ski instead of going home. I get sad that I’m not better at organizing something or planning a party or buying everyone their dream gifts.

This year on Christmas Eve I received a gorgeous sign from my friends K+TP. A candle from MIL. Some stocking stuffers from Momm and Dadd.

I knew it was the one real gift under my tree to save for last from my Meme – Dadd’s mommy. I wasn’t sure what it was until I opened it. And paged through it. And cried and cried and cried.

I think this gift is very special, one that you should immediately go and buy for your loved ones.

I bought this book for Meme and she filled it out and returned it to me. It’s questions about her past, present, life observations and family stories.

She left nothing blank, word for word the questions fill out her whole being and are there now for my children and theirs to someday read. It’s pretty exceptional. The perfect gift!

Bah Humbug

Both sides of the story.


Five Things That Are Tough Around Christmas:

  1. Love where I live, but it really limits your shopping.
  2. Totally only 5 presents under the tree (thanks momm).
  3. Missing family.
  4. Digging out of the snow all month.
  5. Nothing good on our 4 TV channels.
  6. Power outages. Like, every year.
  7. Cooking for 2.
  8. Not knowing what to buy anyone.
  9. Typically exhausted all week.
  10. Staying off the internet!



I’ve never just sat at home and handed out candy (am I that anti kid?) but I have overall had some very terrible/boring/cheesy/weird Halloween times in my past.

That all changed when I learned that the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers have their Red Dress Run every Halloween. It’s still 79 degrees and sunny during the day, Vegas is close, and yeah, I love celebrity hashing.

Can’t wait! This will be our second year, and we’re bringing buddies! 🙂

What is a good Halloween to you?

No Foolin’

Today was the least exciting April Fools’ Day ever! I think my brother tried to make a joke on his FB page, and that was about it. MK went to a car auction that was a bust and took all day.

In boring house news, we have a nice floor where a hole used to be in our master bedroom, and MK will be starting on the walls this week.

In fun event news, we went to a parade and saw all the Olympic athletes with Park City ties the other night…

here’s a ton of pictures! I took these on my phone and am pretty impressed with the quality.