Mostly Things I Hate

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Five End Of Year Lists I’m Waiting For:

  1. 365 Worst Episodes of The View.
  2. Best Britney Wigs of 2007.
  3. Imus and Vick collaborative book titles.
  4. 10 Reasons to start campaigning earlier next election.
  5. What people did before the iPhone.

iphone life
I don’t have one…

Christmas Coma

I’ve got two weeks to go and I don’t know if I’m going to make it! We worked out all week and weekend, double time. We went out Friday to a Christmas party with some friends, where we were all in festive costumes and drinking fancy winter drinks. We met some great new people and had a blast.

Saturday we went to MK’s work party, which, while less exciting than everyone hoped, was lovely, and MK finally met people he goes in to work with. During market hours no one talks, so it’s the first time in a month he’s said hello to some of these guys.

We also knocked out a little more shopping after deciding we’re no longer at the college-poor age where we could pretend we didn’t know we were supposed to send gifts, being far away from everyone we’ve milked that maybe 5 extra years already…

And we’re having company! Tons and tons of Christmas, Holiday Bowl, New Year’s company. Just thinking about it is making me lazy. Our place is rivaling it’s post Vegas messiness and we’ve been avoiding it. The invitations to hang out and exploring San Diego are so much more fun.

giraffe coldI’ve actually had a giant head cold, which is the dumbest thing that can happen to you when you live somewhere that’s 65 degrees every day. I thought I conquered it like a week ago but more than likely all the going out didn’t help. I was stuck drinking hot tea at the bar.

How are you at Christmas shopping? I’ve bought myself too many things, I am apparently a giant selfish brat. I just want to make sure I get remembered…MK is forcing me to wrap some workout stuff I got, apparently it was one of his planned gifts for me, he was a little grouchy when I came home with it, even though I let him know it was on sale and really I was just helping him out. Didn’t work.