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Five Silly Links – First Edition

  1. Silly State Mottos
  2. Being Monitored
  3. Make GW Say Anything
  4. Conversational French
  5. History of Video Games



Running Reaps Rewards

Well, besides the health and wellness junk, I decided I owed myself a new treat. I’m so in love with these:


and picked them up this week. They are the comfiest ever. Like a sock with a sole. I’ve been using them for all things walking and weight lifting, continuing to use my ugly Asics to run-run in.

MK almost died when I let the lady talk me into buying the matching pullover. But the colors are sooo pretty. Also, it has those little built in thumb holes. So cute. I’ve always wanted one of those. So, in 4 months or so, I will look adorable.

Swimwear Related Stress Disorder

There is no way I can comprehend how hard it is to find a bathing suit in August. August is supreme swim suit wearing time. It’s still hot out. It’s summer in some places…

Not all of us are going “back to school”. Frankly, I don’t even know why that’s an excuse for new clothes. Whatever. But Macy’s, surely your store is big enough to keep the swimwear around. As a matter of fact, I believe there should be a small permanent display. Some of us travel to exotic locales even in the winter, it’s crazy, I know.

The other SRSD problem I have is the top/bottom issue. Can’t every store keep the ups and downs together? I don’t want just a bottom, I’m not going to Greece every year. It’s not that hard. If someone buys a XXL bottom and small top, don’t make fun of how they look, just put those leftovers to the side. I don’t like ruffling through them. I need both pieces, on one hanger.

You are lucky that I did find the perfect suit. I didn’t even know that there was a much better looking top until I got home and found it on the internet. You are lucky at least I only paid clearance prices, or I might just go order it and save it for after this trip. Last minute shoppers shouldn’t have to pay this kind of a price for hotness. I wouldn’t have spent the whole summer convincing myself that last years suit was okay if I knew how hard this last minute change of heart would be. It’s unconscionable.

Better Bother You

If nothing else, this article might shock you. I don’t really want you to leave in search of greener pastures, but maybe you should pick up a book once in a while. And no, Harry Potter DOESN’T COUNT. I mean, I’m sitting here working on a book and trying to get it published, but this makes me wonder a little bit if there’s any point to all my efforts. Well, besides the bragging rights and notoriety and world tours I’m imagining in my dreams.

I personally discovered who I was through my reading, went to college to seek out those who inspired me and learn more about them, and have put my career aside to attempt the artistic feat of having an impact like that on someone through my words. Now I’m afraid it’s all for nothing.

One In Four Read No Books Last Year

large library of books

Google Pedometer

You can create your personalized run map online! Check your mileage! Find out how many calories you’ve burned! Genius! That’s a lot of exclamation points!

No, I don’t work for Google. Everyone else in Seattle does, (after they leave Microsoft?) but not me. Yet. But check it anyways. This is cool. And useful if you’re not all GPS on the phone or whatever.

This is where I found it: Energise For Life

They wrote an article that’s interesting if you don’t like mine. (I’m sleepy today)

Here’s the actual Google link: Google Pedometer

Which I know is what you’re really excited about (assuming you don’t already have it)

And best yet, here’s one of mine: 6 mile Run

That’s the run I like down by the water, there and back. Don’t look for me, creepies. You can’t keep up anyway.



No Reservations

The rain kept me indoors most of the weekend, where I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Travel Channel (Comcast sucks!) and a marathon of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Otherwise, I might have had to get out of the house. That was scary. I melt.

I know a lot of people that are big fans, but I had never checked the show out. I am fairly sure I told someone (you?) that I didn’t like the guy. Recently, though, I read an article in Writer’s Digest magazine that made me look at Bourdain with newfound respect. He is a great writer, and a great assessor of his surroundings. His gruff, frank demeanor is a refreshing change from the boring manner I find typical of most travel shows. He shows you the best part of the trip, the roadside food stands and regular people’s lives, more in sync with the traveling I do than 5 star hotels are.

If you haven’t seen the show, check it out. If you have, you should have made me watch it sooner, buddy. You know I veg in front of the TV all day. Pay attention.


Biggest Loser, For A Minute

It appears sad but true that my awe inspiring weight loss show is not all happiness. There’s apparently cheating and cheap tricks and people regaining it all shortly after the show.

Diet Blog posted this about the show.

I know sometimes you read, but you don’t listen…

If you don’t go there, check out this Time Magazine link, at least. (It’s short…)

It really proves that even with all the help in the world, the idea of losing more than ONE POUND A WEEK is unreasonable. We have to have patience with what we are trying to do to our bodies, whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, or making any dream come true.

biggest loser logo

Heavenly Glow

Thanks to the wonderful Parvin at Spa Nordstrom, my face is softer and cleaner and prettier than ever. Ever. It was pretty impressive. I got some tea, some comfy robes and blankies, and a great hour or so of bliss.

Running and sunscreen and too much Seattle moisture made my face grouchy. Now it’s better. I let myself be sold a nice “Cleansing Milk”, which is what all you ladies should be using to clean your skin if the running (or whatever) makes your usually balanced skin oily and you want it clean but don’t want it to dry out. Sounded good to me.

facial nordstrom spa