Howdy, Y’all!

I’m the woman behind the words, Catherine Killfoil.

Twitter? I’m @cattbd. My favorite place to hang out on the internet.

Skiers Make Awesome Friends

My story so far:

I was born and raised on the East Coast by the awesomest family ever, and beat up on my two younger brothers until they grew much, much bigger than me. I moved to Austin, TX because of my fabulous aunts, and went to the University of Texas, the best college in the world.

I ended up with an English degree after those four years, and just landed a sweet gig at Akavit thanks to my first college roommate. In between I traveled TONS, found yoga… and experienced an insane amount of adventure and excitement.

I learned how to ski a few winters ago.

I won the title of Ultimate Powderhound from Ski Utah, the marketing arm of the 14 amazing resorts. I blogged for them over here so be sure to check that out.

The thing that was bigger than me was moving to Denver. Forces are making TBD Media one of the most successful digital marketing agencies out there.


26 thoughts on “Howdy, Y’all!

  1. So I finally read your entire blog, EVERY SINGLE ENTRY from the beginning of time, and I want to make two observations:

    1. You are a skinny bitch (and I so love you for it!) Congratulations on the SIZE 3 PANTS!! My fat, still-ocassionally-clad-in-maternity-clothes-nine-months-after-giving-birth ass is jealous, but proud!

    2. I am SO GRATEFUL that you haven’t included any posts about this friend of yours who had a baby and totally let herself go and, like, only showers twice a week and can’t talk about anything but her baby. It would be your blog’s jumping-the-shark moment. I’m warning you. Seriously. Just don’t. EVER.


    p.s.– this blog kind of makes you like a cyber-celebrity. Make me feel special and call me for lunch sometime! That is, if you hang with people who can only wear your pant-size, squared…..

  2. Your lists of “does”s and “doesn’t”s is most informative. I think I can help with one of your “doesn’t”s. More specifically, I think that by following the following link, you’ll see just what I mean.

    Once you’ve examined that link, you may also wish to play rock, paper, scissors, spock, lizard. Fortunately for all human and ROBOT kind, the net is filled with useful things to satisfy desires like the one that you may be experiencing just after following said link and by using my psychic powers, I’ve determined that you’re by yourself with your computer and thus have no human players handy. So, always wanting to be of service to people who go to the bother of reading longwinded comments, I hereby provide you with another link:

  3. Hey, I love your lists. If you want the R-rating, just do what Rootie did and post some really bad-ass post.

    Glad you stopped by and that you found something to take home. Come back anytime, sometimes we’re downright crazy.

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog…you do realize it’s Vancouver, BC, Canada…a very un-Republican place…but I hope you were welcomed. I’m here to check out your blog but haven’t spent the time to read it yet. I have an assignment due for school…will come back…

  5. Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog (and commenting!). If you don’t remember doing it, that’s OK, because it was a couple of months ago.

    Your blog is great and you write so well (uncommon for the web). I love the ‘some …’ categories in the sidebar.

    Peace! Enjoy the weekend.

  6. In regards to “Doesn’t #10”
    if you HAD to choose…which would you be more likely to start believing in – ghosts or aliens? i choose ghosts, cuz i saw a blue ghost on a gas station surveillance camera – it was on that CNN so it must be TRUE!

  7. Not sure how you dropped off my radar. I do know, actually, but it might not be that interesting to you, so I won’t elaborate. Have added you to my reader and will check back… after Christmas, probably. Have a great holiday season. Cheers!

  8. Hey SGS’s,
    We Moo-ster’s live in Bryan/College Station just down the road. My wife is from Foggia, Italy and I am a Texas mutt. We have six kids and are in the last stages, before we buy a MooPig-Hut and travel the country: as number six is a 7th grader.

    Nice to meet neighbors, no matter how near or far.

    Best regards,
    MooPig aka Pat Darnell and Family

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  10. opps an ‘s’ was omitted: foreheads! Therefore not mocking you but so to say I too have one and so long live us. Ok. Sorry, I’ll shut up now.

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