Dining Room And More Master Bedroom

Let’s get you caught up on things we did weeks ago so I can then catch you up on things we’re doing now!

We got a sweet counter height dining room table just like I wanted:

(click to enlarge)

It’s perfect for our small space. And it was retarded cheap, my favorite.

If you will recall (HERE) I mentioned that I painted our bedroom. I didn’t show very good pictures. And I bet you’re wondering why. Well, we had these to deal with:

Really uncool closets. So, we ripped out all the shelves and hung sliding doors from a runner on the ceiling. It was a lot of wood:

 We would have bought fancier doors, but these were on sale at ikea for 1/5 of the price of the ones I wanted. Had to. I think it looks sweet. 

Then I had to paint the inside of the closets grey, they were yellowy-orange for no good reason. Then I did the trim white. Now the whole room matches. Except for the fireplace…

We got some neon colored bed linens at ikea too, which really kicked up the room.

We then took the two mirrors I had painted out of the bathroom and put them in the living room, and got one big bathroom mirror. I love the way it looks. It feels clean and sleek. 

Here are the doors all cleaned up and in action with a glimpse of our home-made bed:

Also lately we’ve pulled out a leaky toilet (in the master) shoveled tons of snow, taught someone to ski, had a birthday, taken over a VIP lounge at Sundance, and planned my brother’s birthday trip. It’s been a busy month!!!

Newest Idea

Some of you don’t love when I just repost links, but buzzfeed has assembled a list of the 35 most ridiculous Sky Mall Items


It is funny to me since I own one of these items – no it’s not the wine glass necklace, although I think that’s genius.

I think I should buy all 35 and put them around the house. Maybe it’d get me on the Today Show…

How about you? One on there you would totally buy? Already have?

So Far Behind

The Catch 22 about having this place to tell you about everything that is going on is that when too much is going on, I can’t get here. No matter how hard I try. We’ve done a ton of stuff to the house I want to show you – even though I’ve already reached the point where I’m totally over it.

I had a birthday and company, that was fun! Then, in a surprising turn of events (maybe since she knew the house was going to be done before we invited her) MIL showed up on the doorstep less than 10 hours after our company left. In the middle of the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. The first floor of the house is buried.

So between entertaining others – and myself (I wasn’t going to miss Sundance festivities this weekend) I am totally burnt out. And with all this epic snow, there’s no time for that. So we’re off to go ski, and if I don’t fall asleep immediately afterwards, I’ll catch you up on some stories. Thanks for hanging in there. If I can do it…

Typos And Comments

As in, thank goodness for that last post at the beginning of the week!


This Week:

  1. Was my birthday, so I was out and not posting, sorry. 
  2. We finally got a Wii, for said birthday.
  3.  A new day bed, new closet doors, new bathroom mirror, wall art.
  4. I slept maybe 4 hours a night, every night.
  5. Some unexpected company, and a ton of new snow to ski.