Ever since being totally hooked on the move Love Actually, I am a big fan of airports. Happy or sad, they are places filled with emotional reunions and tearful goodbyes. DW was late yesterday and MK and I sat coffee in hand and watched the men anxiously waiting with bouquets in their hands. It makes me feel all gooey on the inside.

San Diego, from what I understand, is the Number One tourist destination/vacation travel spot for the 4th of July holiday. The airport was certainly busy. But I don’t mind the parking and running in, I enjoy the people watching. I haven’t traveled in a little while (well, at least for us) and got all nostalgic thinking about my last few trips, happy and sad, to see my friends in Austin and my family back East.

What is an airport to you? A big pain in the butt to have to deal with to get somewhere or a unique place to see life?


My Guilty Habit

We were talking the other night about marriage. We like to think we’re pretty good at it so far. We do a lot of married things, but also are just such good friends we love being around each other. We bicker all the time – we think it’s funny to always disagree, make bets, impose punishments, google things and learn. But we don’t fight. Not a lot. When we do though, is what we were talking about. MK made me realize that I do the most hilarious thing on the planet every time we fight.

I make him let me win, and he can only redeem himself by taking me out to dinner. MK doesn’t cook, so he hates eating out for anything more than a 2$ taco. To him (duh) it’s so much easier to  sit around at home and wait for me to cook.

So the thing is, I don’t let him take me just anywhere. I apparently have repeatedly forced the man to take me to: The Olive Garden.

Let me be very clear about something, I don’t mean to offend anyone with this. We went there growing up every once in a while and it was considered a treat (wait, that just helps the point I’m about to make…). But the fact of the matter is- Olive Garden is pretty white trash. I mean super white trash. There’s got to be a better way to put it than that, but that’s all I can think of. Going there for dinner for me is like watching a really trashy reality TV show. You look around and everyone is drinking White Zinfandel and Blushes (PINK WINE!) and hiding breadsticks in their purses to bring home (guilty) and yelling at the kids as they throw crayons at each other and run around the table screaming their lungs out.

But it can’t really be white trash because every time we eat there we end up with a 40$ bill. For noodles that I TOTALLY could have made at home. That’s why I like it. You make me mad, you let someone else make the pasta. And I get some free entertainment.

Better Or Worse?

When we were chillin’ chilly style up in Utah, I mentioned (more than once, I think, but only found this time) the crazy liquor laws. And it went beyond that. Not being able to drink on election day. Really NEEDING a drink one night and not being able to get one. Inviting guests and forcing them to BYOB (BTOB, I guess).

So I’m in CVS yesterday, and I’m realizing California is basically the polar opposite. You have to gamble to get this much booze thrown at you. It’s everywhere. You can buy huge crazy bottles of anything you want at the grocery store. At CVS. I noticed it in particular because the CVS advertises so crazy. CVS just took over Long’s drug stores out here. They had no awnings. CVS put these awnings up “Liquor”, “Photos”, “Liquor”, “Pharmacy”, “Liquor”. All around the building. So if you’re visiting from a normal state that doesn’t sell booze EVERYWHERE – you know you don’t have to go to A LIQUOR STORE, you just go to CVS. Makeup, check. Toothpaste, check. Handle of rum, check. And it’s Sunday. At midnight.

So, is it better or worse? I should think it’s awesome after going virtually dry right? I can always throw a cocktail party. But for some reason I think it’s totally crazy. Some WalMart’s have better wine steals than BevMo. And of course I have to hit up Trader Joe’s for the Two Buck Chuck. It was almost easier in Utah, where everything was in one place. You knew what your choices were and you dealt with it. Here we’re running around price comparing things. Don’t even get me started on the CostCo giant sized bottles of Vodka in my kitchen right now (I’ve lost count). It’s crazy. Are they trying to keep us so drunk we don’t notice how broke the state is…?

Sheer Desperation

This is my first time attempt at blogging from my Blackberry. Yes, you read that right. My fingers are already sore, that’s how much I love you. Typos don’t count for 48 hours.

MK is totally not sharing his computer with me. Apparently it’s only for work. (What IS that? I hate four letter words!). But I have a life too! And while Dell is sitting around playing Ms. Pac-Man on MY laptop – I’m forced into a little ‘Rev Run’ act of typing this much on this silly little keyboard (he does it in the tub on his show, I’m on the couch).

I really don’t know what is going on in the world without my computer. I can’t get the latest Jon and Kate news, or even know what’s going on locally! It’s a little funny, but I thrive on my social networking and I’m feeling a little out of the loop!

UPDATED TO ADD: Hey, I didn’t do too bad! MK saw this and about died. Hence new shiny blog post above, via computer. 😉

Taking Your Thoughts

This doesn’t qualify in my book as a doctor worthy problem – so I’ll let you, internet friends, tell me what to do.

I am a pretty happy sleeper. It takes me a while, but I doze off comfortably and don’t wake up at night and have sweet dreams, mostly. But lately, there are some crazy things going through my head. Knock down drag out fuzzy memories hit me when I wake up of some of the strangest things you could imagine, real and otherwise.

What makes you have insane dreams? I like my bed, I haven’t changed my schedule, I can’t think of one thing that has changed to make my brain go all crazy – besides being older. I’m not enjoying remembering things I think happened with people I know then realizing that was A DREAM. Also no fun is the creepy weird out of this world but somewhat grounded in reality nonsense that is waking me up. Sometimes I forget but still know it was troubling.

I’m thinking of warm milk before bed. Or a book for a bit. Or a white noise machine. Advice?

Another Milestone

Reflection is time consuming.


Five Things I’ve Learned After 100 Of These Friday Fives:

  1. I will not be a stand up comedian when I grow up.
  2. Shorter does not = easier.
  3. I need the computer to be in front of me when the funny thing happens or I forget it.
  4. I end up repeating myself and being vague way too much for someone who talks as much as I do.
  5. I have the best blog followers ever – even if none of them also blog and participate!

Of Critical Import

There is nothing more All-American, more important to core values, more integral to society as a whole and the happiness of the nation – nothing more sacred than the right to be able to toss yourself on a couch, flip on a TV, and find an episode of “Law & Order”.

So explain to me why my go-to cable friends, TBS, USA – why are you supporting terrorism? Why are you changing up the system that has worked so well for everyone for so long? Why would you show me “Bones” or “NCIS“? I don’t understand. And now you tell me you’re bringing me “CSI:NY“? You can’t be serious. That’s what Spike is for.

I mean, good thing there is a beach outside and I don’t have all theat much time for TV these days, or I’d totally lose it. There’s something so comforting about the background noise of Lenny Briscoe and Jack McCoy that make up part of who I am, and that part is missing these days. I’m going to go scour Netflix for seasons I haven’t seen – you let me know when it’s safe to turn on the TV again.

Go shopping for me if you like: The Law and Order Store


Guess who set foot inside a gym today? This guy.

Seriously, it’s been almost a year. That is scary right? To not have SET FOOT in a GYM for almost A YEAR!?!?! Wow. It felt a little strange. And smelly. But inspiring.

MR drags me (at 10 – sooo early!) to a dance class. Like the infomercial. Zumba. It was great. High energy cardio. Just what my butt has been needing. I hope this is the start of something good – although I ate like a pig all day afterward…

Taco Tuesday

Does any other city have this greatness or is this a San Diego thing?

Almost every bar with food does some sort of special on Tuesday. We’ve been hopping around trying to find the best one. Cabo Cantina has a special place in MK’s heart – all you can eat for 5$ goes a long way when you are a bottomless hole. I like their 2 for 1 drinks – that’s a 4$ double tall vodka soda, mmm. Most other Mexican places hook up 2$ tacos, some better than others. We tried a place in Old Town tonight that was really great for a friend’s birthday.