A Great Thanksgiving

You read it right, and I’m not crazy. You see, we came to a fun decision today in the SGS household. MK’s favorite holiday meal is pretty much always a carb filled Thanksgiving – turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls. We don’t vary it. So today at our Thanksgiving style Easter dinner, we realized Easter has a lot to do with Thanksgiving – and that we would love to give thanks for all our blessings all the time.

We have so much to be thankful for, Thanksgiving is going to be more frequent around here. We’re going to have a big sit down dinner focused on thankfulness once a month. It might be the only time I’m allowed all those goodies! 🙂

How hilarious and cool will we be if we have kids? “Mom, can I go to the SGS house this week for dinner?” “Why?” “It’s Thanksgiving.” “No, it’s June.” “They have Thanksgiving once a month!”

But it’s not about being cool, or the food, I promise. It’s a little more making sure we connect. With just the two of us, and both of us trying to not be all about food all the time, dinners have gotten smaller, less formal, and more just to refuel. We think a little more ceremony will be fun.

SomeGoSoftly hopes you all had an amazing Easter and joy filled weekend!


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