The Process of Letting Go



I wrote a post all the way back in 2009 that still serves me. And the life changing yoga teachings remind me about it over and over. People and places and life can get in a rut and if you fall in the rut, you encourage the rut to continue. What you allow will continue. So LET GO.

People that were causing me pain, even if they didn’t know it, got let go. And I got lighter.

Sadness and pain and suffering can have a minute, but it has to let go. You have to let it. You can’t be angry with something you’re allowing. Don’t allow pain. Don’t allow bad behavior, yours or anyone else’s.

Another stunner of a read on the subject here.





What is real courage? Is it doing things that are scary? Is it trusting your gut? Is it saying yes when you want to say no?

Maybe it’s saying no. To the people that drain you, the things that cause you harm. It can be really scary to say no to something that you fell in to but at the end of the day those things can take your most important asset away from you, your time. Toxic parts of your life are there because you allow them to be. You need to take the power and courage from within to end what does you harm.

No more excuses.

The Year of Yes

I’m just over halfway through an adventure. So that means I can tell you about it.

This year is the year of yes.

If you invite me, I say yes. I am trying new things. I am going new places. I am accepting there is a reason people approach me with ideas, offers, suggestions. I’m taking them.

Because of willing myself not to over think or immediately refuse anything, I’m having a great year.

I encourage you to try to change your perspective.

Never been to yoga and that one friend keeps inviting you? GO.

That email you saved with a tempting opportunity you’re nervous about? DO IT.

I was a worrier. Now I’m an engaged, happy friend that gets to continually reap the benefits of having a positive outlook. I’ve been to concerts, events, parties, and gyms and recreational activities – even a farm tour, things I would never have tried before. I feel more well rounded, less stressed. I have written more. I’ve gotten to work with some super cool people.

My friendships hold more value. I don’t deny things I like. I’ve read terrible books. I’ve eaten gross food. But at least now I’m educated as to why I like what I like.

It’s yes to breathing. Being calm. Considering pros and cons. Applying for jobs I’m not qualified for. Telling my family how much they mean to me. Painting. Traveling.

I look forward to the next four months as more time to grow and explore. And say yes.

On a hike by Old Faithful

Don’t Forget

It’s been a wild half year. I joke that hitting the BIG 3-ohh has added to my wisdom and brilliance, but let’s be real. I feel like the same nervous awkward chick I’ve been since college.

I will run around trying new things, but I’m constantly worried if I’m successful enough. I write articles I stay up at night fearing people will hate, and I get stressed if my Mom doesn’t call every day. I’m always meeting new people and worrying if they like me, wondering if I said the right/wrong thing, hoping everyone got my Twitter jokes.

Trying to be a grown up is silly. So I’m working on just being. And being awesome.

Being “yourself” is a funny concept. Accepting that I probably think about it more than maybe anyone else is part of the reality, I guess. How much do you wonder about what others think? Does your own voice get lost in people pleasing? Trying to be something you aren’t? It might distract you FROM AWESOME.

Whether you are the highest form of “got your self figured out” or are just gazing at the path to an end goal, Don’t Forget to be Awesome.

Sometimes I like Pinterest. And I like short, sweet inspiring quotes. Two things I might have just lost some of you admitting. But every once it a while, I find it totally uplifting to read some of these quotes I’ve bookmarked. It’s a good reminder – we are all on a journey. They are all different, but all intertwined. While you are figuring you out, don’t forget to be awesome.

Catch Up

So I’m sitting in the basement, listening to this free SXSW music channel thinking about the past few weeks – and cracking up about poor KD today.

  1. I’m so pumped about SXSW. Might be the only thing I like more than skiing.
  2. Why can’t free stuff be good? I can’t skip the songs I’d never go see in a million years.
  3. I called, texted, emailed, and retexted KD FROM A CHAIRLIFT this AM to ensure myself a SXSW wristband.

KD told me she ran out of something probably a little important (reason why I hide names here LOL) to get us two coveted wristbands to enjoy music for the week of SXSW. Yay!


  • JC took off (boo, see you soon!) and it was back to what 2011 has been all about – skiing. I must have skied more days this season than in the last two put together, already. But that’s awesome. Wouldn’t have it any other way. NDL and JS were great company, reminding me that I have the GREATEST friends that are SO FUN and full of LOVE.
  • Ski Utah asked me back! That’s right. I think I can announce they actually like me, thanks to all of you that read and comment, enough to let me stay blogging for next year too! I couldn’t be happier.
  • Let’s see, what else…we went snow-shoeing! It was the greatest, which sucks because 1.all I need is another expensive winter hobby (things are like 300$!) and I’m hooked on the idea of back country skiing (also $$$). But hey, it was bound to happen (I’d been fighting it) and that’s why we live here right!??!

I sure don’t want to jinx it, but 2011 is starting out being totally incredible. It might not seem like much when you write it all down to share, but it’s been better than I’d ever dreamed for us. I feel so blessed and hope that each and everyone of you wondering why I’m not calling is now all caught up and is also having a great year!!

Good Times!

Double Fail

Guess how many days of yoga and blogging I accomplished?

30 reasons I don’t make New Years resolutions. Since that’s just plain sad, I’m going to throw myself in to this again. Yoga recommencing soon and a real resolution: No fast food in February.

I’ll keep you posted!

No regrets, though. So far 2011 is (you guessed it Momm) the best ever!

Take a look at all the books I’ve already read under the Books tab at the top. MK got me 1500.

Happy Birthday

What a great day! A little snow, a little work, a lot of fun, friends, food and partying. Can’t believe I’m “working” right now, trying to wow Ski Utah with videos on par with my original…

But I did get to enjoy some sushi, basically my only goal for the day. Good times. Last night we were out at midnight, I’m not too old yet! My phone battery died twice with all the notifications and texts from all my lovely friends. Feeling pretty good!

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Another Birthday Month

Every year, January has been my birthday month.

That totally sounds retarded.

Every January, I celebrate my birthday for a month. That’s better.

It is my birthday month, all month. It’s all about me. I want a beer? “It’s’ my birthday month”. I want company to come visit? “It’s my birthday month”.

So far, there have been some highs and lows.


  • See previous post.
  • LP and CM came up and hung out this weekend, I made myself a cake, had a bottle of wine.
  • We filmed some seriously silly Ski Utah videos (stay tuned).
  • I took a snowboarding lesson!


  • Stupid Patriots.

SB is coming soon, with presents and promises for even more silly video making shenanigans. I can’t wait.We’ve even got tickets to see Ghostland Observatory and Das Racist.  Hopefully the rest of the month is as great as great as it’s started out. It will make me forget the getting older, entering (gasp) the last year of my twenties part.