So excited. Click here for details on the list. Click the links to get the RSVP info. for the parties!!


Five Shows I Can’t WAIT for:

  1. The Hot Freaks Party
  2. Pure Volume Ranch
  3. Do512 Day Party
  4. Bay Area Takeover
  5. My Open Bar – Sink or Swim

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Fused Magazine
  2. Modern Radio – MNMigration
  3. Paste and Stereogum
  4. Done Waiting Day Show
  5. Planetary Presents
  6. Filter Magazine Party
  7. Little Radio Presents
  8. TerrorBird Force Field Day Party
  9. The Great’08 Tailgate
  10. Music by the Slice
  11. Tallcorn Day Party
  12. more TBA, you get the idea…



Well, had I known early yesterday morning what kind of day it would turn out to be, I wouldn’t have posted so forcefully. I mean, I was sure I was going to be shopping today. But now, it’s going to have to be laptop weekend.

The weather was the best it’s been yet, and KE and I made our drinks and lunch, grabbed our books, and got to start our summer early. Bikinis in February are hilarious. The boys came to meet us, and we were out all afternoon. We cooked a giant dinner, and toasted the sunset.

We scored last minute tickets to Anthology to see the Pat Metheny Trio. Collectively, I learned that that many Grammy’s only awards you a very strange crowd. The place was interesting to say the least, and it led to a long night.

So today was a lazy day. MK humored me much more than I expected, but of course after all the online research he is trying to convince me to wait until the best wi-max compatible whatever is available. We all know he’s just stalling, but has committed to taking me shopping this weekend. We’ll see…


Laptop Thursday

Threats don’t usually work in my house. They get laughed at. I, (all 5 feet of me) apparently, am not all that threatening. I can’t understand that.

My latest threat is “Laptop Thursday”. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been reminding my husband that I asked for a new laptop for Christmas and was told to wait until the super tiny fancy one I wanted “went on sale”. Well, on our last travels, I won a giant crack in my laptop screen, compliments of the TSA. Supposedly this can be fixed, but to me it’s a sign that I NEED A NEW LAPTOP.

I really do want to finish a book or two and concentrate my efforts on publication. I can’t concentrate on anything with the upper right hand side of the screen all scratched and broken. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day, the plan is supposed to go down like this:

I get dressed up and get directions and get into my car and drive to a store, point to a computer I like without any education on said laptop, and purchase it without so much as a thought.

This plan has been repeatedly relayed to the husband with the hope it will scare him sufficiently to A) Come along and pick the right computer, or B) Order me the equivalent however he sees fit.

Really the idea is to not go buy something that will get me grounded for ever, but to at least give the appearance that I will to force him into action. I’ll let you know how it goes.

small laptop

Warming Up

There is apparently nothing like Southern California in the winter, except Southern California in the spring, summer, and fall. It is warming up and is absolutely heavenly. For CH’s last day yesterday we were out in the sun all day, walking the beach, eating at The Green Flash, and laying by the pool until sunset. Today MK and I wasted the day soaking in sun and then drove through Del Mar and shopped their plaza.

I’ve been curious to consider the change in dynamic as the warm weather brings with it the tourists and have become a little apprehensive about how different it will feel. True we’re still just renting, but we already feel like permananet locals.

la jolla shores


The brother has taught me the very simple term that programmers and internet lovers everywhere make jokes with when someone messes up. “Fail.” That’s it.

There are quite a few things I’ve been failing lately (the usual) , and some I can even forecast:

  • This Blog. I know. Not as quality as it used to be. The no comments is a sign. My less frequent posting is a problem. I’m trying, but life is so random these days.
  • Working Out. Haven’t been in the gym since NYE, and the weights at home aren’t cutting it. The vacations are slowing down my running, since I’m so tired when we get home.
  • Dieting. I have been eating nothing but crap since January too. I don’t even enjoy it. I blame the company and vacations again.
  • Writing. I should do some.
  • Upcoming: No partying until SXSW. We are going skiing again the whole week before I get to Austin. And my drinking buddy and I aren’t going to be able to turn that switch off, not what with the Stella’s calling our names and all.
  • Upcoming: A schedule. We still haven’t made any plans further than one month from now about what to do with ourselves come our next lease being up. Here’s to being spontaneous.
  • Ongoing: Family. As much as I like to talk, I haven’t done any with relations that aren’t visiting me. Shame on me.

Someone needs some help turning this ship around. It’s getting old. Well, on the other hand I’m having the time of my life going out and partying and making friends. I kind of like being lazy. And I AM good at it. Hmm.

All Grown Up

I’ve got a brother almost 3 full years younger and a brother 7 years younger than me. I left the house when I was 16, making them something like 13 and 9. Over the years our dynamic has changed, from me thinking I was crucial in their upbringing to me wondering if they even remember that for a time I lived in the same house. My older of the two brothers is visiting me for the week and he’s already taught me more than I could probably offer him.

He turned out fine, he’s a genius, he can find anything on the internet. He can get along with anyone and has some hilarious stories. He can also reach things from about 4 feet over my head for me. It’s great. I’m looking forward to the week and reacquainting our selves even more.

big sister


We’ve been a lot lately. In the airport. Traveling. Picking up visitors. Getting rid of those visitors. A lot = over twenty times in the last few months and likely another twenty coming up.

I have to tell you what I like the least. It would be the TSA. I’m not sure that I’m allowed to say that in this medium without getting in trouble, so let’s pretend “TSA” stands for “Tacky-Sweatered-Accountants”…

One place there was a lady in a chair. She was pregnant. That much was obvious. But she felt the need to sit far away from the line and announce to everyone that she couldn’t BEND to lean in and check your things. You had to almost lean over the divider and into the podium thing she wasn’t using. “There’s a BABY in there,” she would announce, in case you thought she was just eating beach balls while she ‘worked’.

One place there were many workers. Maybe 12. In one spot. STANDING. I’ve never seen anyone not work so hard. Wait, that’s not true. I saw one lady READING AN US WEEKLY.

After that, I considered applying. I would totally read Us Weekly for a living. It makes me think of what my Dad would say. “Don’t work too hard,” he’d tell her, and she just wouldn’t get it.

I mentioned to my husband what an insane amount of these people we’ve seen, and he provided me with more fodder for annoyance: the 9/11 bad guys had proper IDs. So what do they solve? And, 6 months after the creation of the “Tacky-Sweatered-Accountants”, they gave out lifetime achievement awards. At expensive parties. The more I think of this, I really need to apply. What am I complaining about? I must just be jealous.


Wait, where’s his sweater?…