Come On People

Apparently you don’t need to proofread if you write for Forbes (link to article).

Can someone just hire me to edit and correct the entire internet already?


The Year of Yes

I’m just over halfway through an adventure. So that means I can tell you about it.

This year is the year of yes.

If you invite me, I say yes. I am trying new things. I am going new places. I am accepting there is a reason people approach me with ideas, offers, suggestions. I’m taking them.

Because of willing myself not to over think or immediately refuse anything, I’m having a great year.

I encourage you to try to change your perspective.

Never been to yoga and that one friend keeps inviting you? GO.

That email you saved with a tempting opportunity you’re nervous about? DO IT.

I was a worrier. Now I’m an engaged, happy friend that gets to continually reap the benefits of having a positive outlook. I’ve been to concerts, events, parties, and gyms and recreational activities – even a farm tour, things I would never have tried before. I feel more well rounded, less stressed. I have written more. I’ve gotten to work with some super cool people.

My friendships hold more value. I don’t deny things I like. I’ve read terrible books. I’ve eaten gross food. But at least now I’m educated as to why I like what I like.

It’s yes to breathing. Being calm. Considering pros and cons. Applying for jobs I’m not qualified for. Telling my family how much they mean to me. Painting. Traveling.

I look forward to the next four months as more time to grow and explore. And say yes.

On a hike by Old Faithful