Zombie Eskimo

In case you couldn’t imagine what that would be like, I conducted some research for you.


Good Sailor

This past weekend was number two for Mr. Sailor Pants. I am doing awesome at sailing. And by that of course I mean sending MK off sailing. This weekend MK had to go to Long Beach. The classes were 9-5 Saturday and Sunday. I got to do whatever! I! wanted!

So what did I do? Well, Saturday I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to Huntington Beach and ran on the boardwalk. I think I got about 6 miles in. I went to our hotel to shower up and headed back via the inland highway to check out the two malls, the main street, a local lunch spot, and headed back to the beach. Saturday was unseasonably hot hot hot and the beach was a good kind of full. There was a classic car show and a bunch of other things to see. I headed back to pick up MK and sat out by the water reading a book until he was done.

Sunday I did LA. I saw almost everything. But it was so hot, I ended up only stopping by Century City, Rodeo Drive, and Santa Monica. LA on the pavement is no fun in unseasonably hot weather, unless you do it from the car. I saw the La Brea Tar Pits, drove up and down Sunset, checked out the homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and the scene on Crescent and Wilshire.

It was a great long weekend for MK, who didn’t burn too badly and passed his test with flying colors. And for me, being all! by! myself! left to explore was a blast. We spend a lot of time together, and it was a giant adventure to be all touristy and wander-y on my own.

huntington beach

Medium Beige

Here’s another girl blog for you. I’m girly this month. Every once in a while is fine, right?

One of the most exciting moments that I look forward to all spring is when I get that base tan just right. Then it’s time for my dark makeup. Know what I’m talking about? Your skin has been ‘fair’ all winter, and your makeup looks mortician like. Or you try to get some color in there and just come out pink.

But after some sun, you’re naturally glowing. I just picked up this year’s shade, and I’m so excited it’s hard not to overdo it. I’m tan. Everyone looks better tan. As they say, “Tan fat looks better than pale fat.”

face makeup

Feeling Thoughtful

That was arguably my best week of posts ever, to which y’all paid the least attention. Whine!


Five Questions Driving Me Crazy:

  1. Will I watch Jimmy Fallon after he takes over for Conan?
  2. Will I fail my children when the only things I know about are pop culture?
  3. Who recommended Fido to me? It was terrible…
  4. Where will I live next?

What have you got?

i have a question

Try Layering

Living in 100 degree weather for 8 years had some effect on me. In Seattle it was fine to wear jeans and a sweater all summer, but here in San Diego you’re on the beach! You want to wear a swim suit! Maybe a sundress! The weather living on the water is very inconsistent. There’s these ocean breezes and hot inland systems and something something something meteorology something so sometimes it can be quite cool and quite warm in the same day. Then if you’re driving inland… well, pack a couple outfits.

I have learned about myself from this. I have the world’s smallest range of comfortable temperature. And I think it’s 80 degrees. Maybe 80.1 to 80.2. One ocean breeze and I need a winter coat over that little sundress. Brr. In Texas I just needed a sweater for the AC certain places would blast. Here you have to position yourself out of the breeze. Those plexi/glass retainer type walls aren’t for decoration – you can’t lay out without them. It might be sunny, but it can feel like the temperature changes in the shade by 30 degrees or something.

I am imagining menopause. Since my body is already insane, it will either have no effect on me at all (sweet!) OR I will be able to make ice cubes for your drink in one hand and light your cigarette with the other.

hot flashes

I’m Allergic To New Episodes

Every where I look, there’s an announcement for all these new shows.

You have to admit that writer’s strike came at a great time for us, right when we began life without cable. It was a tough adjustment at first you know, getting out doors and in the sun when we first got to San Diego. I imagine if we’d stayed through the winter in Seattle I would have DIED without cable, after experiencing like three days of that weather before we left. Ugh.

So at first we watched what we wanted, all two shows (Heroes and Grey’s) online. That was relatively simple. But now…NOW there’s some valuable night time that we would love to cuddle up and watch crap TV and our options are American Idol and Dancing with the Stars (The two channels that come in with the tin foil on the 12″ screen). I in all earnestness can’t handle the fact that some people can actually get/sit through an entire episode of either. (Riverdance? People still do that???)

The internet and commercials during The Simpsons keep taunting me with all the new stuff I’m missing out on. Especially, there’s The Hills, which a friend got me into briefly, and Workout, which is awesome because I always workout after, or sometimes even while I watch it, so it’s truly guilt free reality crap.

Back! New Episodes! It’s not fair. But hey, it’s almost moving time again, so I get to make sure that soon I can get back to the Sunday marathons to get caught up. Until then, I’m pretending I’m allergic.


worout tv show

Blast From My Past

It is unreal to me that this song is over 10 years old. It was on a CD that SB bought/made me in college and I never ever have been able to stop listening to it. The new remix is only made better by the video keeping the all time important ‘running man’ alive. You know if you’ve been out with me that to embarrass my husband, nothing works like breaking out the old dance moves. He’s really sick of me showing him this video. I’ve been watching it for a month now, and just wanted to share “in case you missed it”.

On Second Thought

Most of you should know about MK’s forced vacation by now, if you don’t, well, you’ll have to ask somebody. We’ve hit that super loving spot of needing to spend some serious time apart. So, in the height of his awesomeness, MK finally got started on his new hobby, and spent the weekend with an instructor learning how to sail a boat. I, to be sure, was all for this new hobby in concept. We can charter a boat without a crew, even buy one without me worrying who’s going to work it.

I’m envisioning all these fantastic moments:

girl on boat

Then, however, I flip through some of his manuals. MK informs me, when he cranks it to top speed or whatever, he could fall off the boat and I will have to know how to sail back and get him. (Or some other silly scenario that makes me have to work). Gone is my bikini and mimosa, suddenly I’m all geared up.


MK had me all set to suggest we buy a giant catamaran and live on it for years to come, but that was when the only schooling I was going to have to do was to read about provisioning (easy: spaghetti every night). That was when I was entertainer, lounge model, person in charge of relaxation. Now, we go shopping and he’s suggesting deck hands gloves and adventure pants. Usually with any new hobby we attempt, it’s the shopping for a whole ‘hobby specific’ wardrobe that gets me excited. Boating gear is not as alluring as I had imagined.