So I Skied In A Bikini…

Many times our funny jokes turn in to bets, that then turn in to reality.

Recently this resulted in me, who a few short years ago could barely stand up on skis, gearing up bright and early this 4th of July.

It was maybe the funniest day on skis – which is a bold statement.

I got mistaken for Vanessa Aadland (my apologies to HER), got a “pro call out”, got a souvenir T shirt, got in some great turns, got interviewed by the SLTribune.

And I did it in a bikini.

Because, really, why not?

While the idea wasn’t that crazy to me, I learned the lesson that to some people things you do will be dumb. To some people things will be funny. To some people things you do will be something that never even crossed your mind.


Make It Count

Do you remember your first blog post? Here at somegosoftly I have archives and can find it real quick. It’s awkward.

What about your first myspace update?

First tweet?

First Facebook update?

Most of you might have said something less than memorable. Maybe, “I’m here!”

Or, “What is this all about?”

And now we’re getting Google+.

It’s yet ANOTHER chance for you to get out in the world of social media and say something.

There are tons of jokes in the other mediums suggesting people are already struggling with making that first step into the ocean of this new forum resonate.

So, what is it going to be? You get yet another chance to start fresh, create a space, have a voice.

How do you proceed?

While we aren’t exactly taking the first steps on the moon with this or anything, it is fun to know that you could be the beginning and success of something new, of finding a new way. I’m always jealous when I see the creative side of a new idea, and wish I’d thought of it first. I can’t wait to see what people come up with for Google+.

A Season In Cell Phone Pictures

This link is an album of all the winter pictures and ski photos I took on my cell phone this winter.

It kind of cracks me up trying to snap something quick to share. Many times the service is too in and out to upload then and there, and I forget completely about the shot from the mountain that day. I recently dumped my phone to start over  for summer – since skiing just ended – and found a ton of photos.

You can read my interview in the Salt Lake Tribune and see the crazy thing I did for the 4th of July here.

Snowbird, 4th of July

Wild West

Living out here never gets old, I’ve seen so many things for the first time.

Take this guy for example:

He walked up to my back deck, touching my house, to get after some ant bait we’d accidentally left out there. We shooed him away without him getting in to the bait, fortunately. He might not look that big, but he was massive. And fast.

One of the craziest “in the wild” moments we’ve had.

PS – WordPress just told me this is my 1200th post. That’s crazy too.