Pinterest Buddy

A girlfriend of mine recently share her Pinterest success story. To be honest, I almost like this more than my jewelry box.

Sorry – photo is a little blurry. Using the board and hooks for tools from Home Depot and some paint, this wall board is the perfect way to organize accessories and make them easy to locate.

What do you think?


Yoga Inspiration

I didn’t write this – but it has moved me profoundly.


Part of the philosophy of yoga is that we can’t always change the world around us. No matter what we do, bad things will happen and stressful situations will arise. The only thing we have control over—the only thing we can change—is ourselves. We can decide how to react to situations that challenge us. Will we allow them to throw us off center, or will we take them in stride?

Yoga teaches us how to respond to stress patiently. We must experience the physical challenge of the postures without fear, and use deep, calm breaths to move through them. If we can take that lesson off the mat and into our daily lives, we will move closer to the goal of responding to stress in a careful and considered way.