Here I told you I wasn’t able to keep up with yoga (still waiting for the day I get going on that) or blogging successfully everyday for you (trying infrequent and uninteresting on for size) but – I did manage to keep one deal with myself and not eat any fast food for an entire month!

I cut back on drinking and eating out in general – and much to my chagrin – have totally lost a whole bunch of weight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy. Skiing every day has made skiing a total non workout, so this helped. But it sucks to admit just how much junk I was pigging out on that in the shortest month I dropped a whole size. I’m unhappily happy.

I guess I have to see if I can make it through March now too (SXSW not included that week doesn’t count!).


Helping You Helped Me

A friend is going to New Zealand! How cool is that? In the wake of the earthquake I see her volunteering more than sightseeing, but that will still be a rewarding trip.

I got to reread all those blog posts – and I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since that incredible trip. It was really fun to sit, reread, and remember.

So, thanks, friend. I wrote all that so I would remember, but what makes you have the time to sit around reading about yourself? I’m glad I did and was able to enjoy my trip all over again. Although seeing the cathedral that I saw in Christchurch ruined from the quake was so sad, most of the memories are crazy happy ones. Made my day.


Oh, You’ll Like This

Mike Birbiglia had a funny little list going yesterday on Twitter:
RT @DanAhlgren: “By the way” means my next thought is not even close to related to the matter being discussed.
RT @ComicKevinJones: “Do you remember that time” means i’m lying, cover for me.
RT @MandyHarmon: “I had the weirdest dream about u last night” means –we had dream sex and it was awful.
RT @BigHowie79: “That’s why I always say” is always followed by something they never say.
RT @girl_noir: “Oh, you’ll like this” means it will be related to the only thing you know about me.
RT @8bit_mike: “I love all your retweets” means I’m unfollowing you.
RT @mayan_pilot: “That’s so funny” is like saying, “I found that mediocre, but I’m gonna tell you something funnier.”
RT @LegitFunk: “That reminds me” means I wasn’t listening and was just waiting for you to shut up so I could talk.
RT @UndertheMtn: If someone starts with “Clearly,” it’s never clear at all.
RT @HoytWilhelmIII: “Just the other day…” means sometime last summer.
RT @toohipguitars: “Say what you will about (name)” means that person sucks at everything except whatever finishes that sentence.
RT @Brohakel: “You know I’m good for it” usually means you already owe me fifty bucks.
RT @joebodolai: “quick story…” is never quick and usually not a story.
RT @BetterOffRob: “He’s so nice” usually means he’s bad at something.
RT @word_craft: “Think about this:” usually means you won’t have to.
RT @barrettbo: “I don’t mean to be a dick, but….” is usually followed by something only a dick would say.
RT @da_buckster: “I read that..” almost always means they saw it on TV.
RT @DrAwesomeBFD: “No offense, but…” is usually followed by something pretty offensive.
RT @joebodolai: “You won’t believe this” makes me have no trouble believing it.
RT @BigBryC: In turn, “this is hilarious” guarantees I won’t laugh.
When people say the phrase “it’s not funny,” it’s usually pretty funny.

President’s Day

We never ski President’s Day. It’s always a mess. East Coasters on Mid-winter’s break pack our state and ski like crazy!

But there was snow, so we woke up slowly and decided to drive out to Brighton, my go-to resort the day after the big storm, where there’s always leftover fresh lines to find.,0,5873370.story

Watch the videos for a glimpse of what some people had to deal with here.

I’m fairly sure with our late start (shame on us) we were the very last car that squeezed in the parking lot, and were able to have a lovely day.

I do feel bad for tourists that came and had to wait – but that’s why you get up early!

Utah Musts

Living here goes by fast. I promised Ski Utah I’d try things other than skiing – so far I’ve gotten up one hill with snow shoes on. Barely counts! Every morning I wake up and I’m pulled to another mountain, another challenge on my skis. Then you blink and the winter is over.

I was over here

and then found this:

A list of things to do. While I’ve tried most of the beers and all of the honorable mentions, I thought it was pretty funny skiing was the only thing I’d done on that list.


what is something from your HOME state that is sitting right there waiting for you to do that you haven’t?