Everyone is a professional photographer with the help of the filters on the phone application Instagram.

Except me. I will continue to take too may photos of snow and sunsets and not grow beyond that realm.

Good news is, even without the phone app you can view said monotonous photos with this link.

Hooray, it is your lucky day.


Moose Season

Every year right before a big snow, these guys find their way into the neighborhood.  Many properties are steep but my backyard isn’t, so they really like hanging out here. They showed up at 10am this morning and as of 5pm are wandering around and eating after a long nap. I love watching them. I can’t help it, I take way too many photos.  🙂

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A Season In Cell Phone Pictures

This link is an album of all the winter pictures and ski photos I took on my cell phone this winter.

It kind of cracks me up trying to snap something quick to share. Many times the service is too in and out to upload then and there, and I forget completely about the shot from the mountain that day. I recently dumped my phone to start over  for summer – since skiing just ended – and found a ton of photos.

You can read my interview in the Salt Lake Tribune and see the crazy thing I did for the 4th of July here.

Snowbird, 4th of July

Wild West

Living out here never gets old, I’ve seen so many things for the first time.

Take this guy for example:

He walked up to my back deck, touching my house, to get after some ant bait we’d accidentally left out there. We shooed him away without him getting in to the bait, fortunately. He might not look that big, but he was massive. And fast.

One of the craziest “in the wild” moments we’ve had.

PS – WordPress just told me this is my 1200th post. That’s crazy too.

Awesome ‘Do

My hair dresser(s) are the best! They taught me how to sideways french braid my hair to show off the style!

I got spoiled hanging out the other day, they helped with my recent Ski Utah video, and taught me the style for a meeting I had. Love it!


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