Watch Out

The threat level is clearly high if they’re posting it on the roadways.


Fun Running Around

Sometimes half the fun is in the normal stuff. Truth be told, we don’t DO normal stuff all that often. We skip the errands and get spoiled never driving during traffic. We walk around our little neighborhood and shop at the Farmer’s Market. This past week MK’s birthday necessitated me doing a little real shopping. I am lazy and got some things online, but finally decided there were things easy to pick up I couldn’t justify shipping costs for.

So I went to the mall. I haven’t been there since my little cousin visited. I don’t really need anything and have been pretty good about not wanting anything too. But it was great and sunny and the walking around put me in a great mood. The sales were good (which also helped my mood) and I found my dream purse (since I can’t NOT shop for myself – so much for not wanting anything). I went back later with MK since it was a lot of money, he had to approve. We also made a huge steal on new ski boots (mine were 400$ on sale for 74$, brand new, seriously) check them out:

After all the fun shopping we spent the end of the week and weekend watching football and doing a run and volleyball party with our running and volleyball club, kind of an end of summer party on the beach. It was a blast. We’ve made a ton of great friends here that we’re really going to miss and the change of the seasons and us telling everyone we’re leaving has had that awesome effect of just making everything really enjoyable.

MK and I took SH and JM out on the Hobie Cat after we checked out the Adams Ave. Street Fair. Then they picked up Chinese after deciding a bag of Doritos wasn’t enough while we watched football. JM said “Best Sunday ever” and even though it was a simple one, I had to agree.

Crazy Octogenarian Antics

With the recent popularity (for swearing?) of old people on TV (Dancing with the Stars was headline news yesterday) I figured a great topic of conversation today would be old people.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a senior citizen do?

Remember, I live amongst most of them. I mean, La Jolla is a prime old people watching place. A common quote from either husband or I on any given day could be “Gosh I hope we’re not like that” or “Look how cute they are holding each other up so they can shuffle” or “Holy crap if I turn into that swear you’ll suffocate me with the pillow”.

These people aren’t like my grandparents. My grandparents are young, for one thing, well taken care of, and hilarious. Old people around here are a little fuzzy, a little lost, and a little forsaken. I can’t get over that last one considering the cost of living around here, but you never see these people with any family! The old people I observe are categorically the worst drivers in America. They are crotchety. They cough all over you. They can be rather rude. I don’t think my grandparents have been rude to anyone in their lives. Their long, long lives. 😉

So today I cracked up as I saw this one guy, at least 70, walking through the store chugging a Monster energy drink. How many jokes can you make?

  • Is he drinking it just to stay alive?
  • Does he drink it when his heart stops?
  • Does it help him remember his name?

I’m terrible.

San Diego Street Scene 2008

There are a lot of music festivals out there. I haven’t really been to that many. But of course, ACL is a great example of a streamlined successful one. People tell me Jazzfest is the same. And SXSW is the best thing that has happened to so many people for years. We tried Sasquatch. Meh. I’ll see Lollapalooza someday. I’ll never go to the desert for Cochella.

I hadn’t seen hardly any live music in San Diego so I decided to pop over to Street Scene. If you’ve lived here longer than I have you care a lot about the fact it was returning to the streets of downtown for the first time in a long time and whether or not this was good or bad. I just had a free Friday night.

The ticket price for what you get was a little iffy (75$/day pass), since the days are only 4-12, and the four stages are maybe two blocks from each other. I saw Diplo, TV on the Radio, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, and Beck. I have already seen all of those bands except for Beck. Beck was not very good.

If there was one word I had to use to describe it, I’d go with ‘cute’. Seriously. It was like a little miniature attempt at a music festival that really turned out more like a block party.The one great feature was a beer garden portion of the CROWD in front of the STAGE. If you follow me, this great invention means I kicked it with my 21 and up brethren and didn’t have to watch my step, unlike outside the beer garden, where the ground was literally littered with unwashed raver children. Yuck.

We went to the 94.9 after show at the House of Blues, which I’ve always wanted to check out. The surprise band was NOT MGMT like I had been praying since I missed them, but the acceptable reggae beats of Michael Franti and Spearhead.

So I ended up not going back for Day Two. Literally no one I knew wanted to go back. And besides Ghostland Observatory, who I can never tire of seeing, I’d seen all those bands too. Am I getting too much music at SXSW? I sure feel spoiled when I’ve seen all the bands I want to. Here’s a funny review from someone who didn’t even make it. I’m not old -yet I hope- but I get what he’s saying.

Operating Heavy Machinery

There’s more to recovery than just lying in bed. You’ve got to quit worrying about crap you’ve got going on. And if you can’t, well, chances are that crap is going to turn out like crap. Your brain totally counts as heavy machinery that you shouldn’t be operating when your face hurts, but here’s how mine’s been doing:

Husband won’t plan his own birthday. First he wanted to go to Tokyo. Because he’s odd. Then he didn’t want to go anywhere, but he didn’t want to sit at home. So then I planned him a surprise but he had to know what it was so we’re going somewhere that is not a surprise. And I’m supposed to do surprise things. At a place I’ve never been. And we’re meeting people, so his birthday PMS isn’t making it easier on them, either.

Then I have to get him stuff. If you’ve ever received a gift from me you know how good I am at that. But it’s his big super duper important birthday. So he gets one nice thing. That he’ll probably hate. I hate shopping. And gifts. And getting let down after you try and the person is not impressed.

Then we need to move. Not only that but we have to figure out when and how. It seems far off but we have stuff we need to get rid of, and probably a trip to Austin to try to get things out of storage (hopefully for good). We have friends to start saying goodbye to (friends to tell we’re leaving) and events in San Diego we haven’t experienced yet to get in before we leave. We have accounts to close and mail to forward. That stuff takes forever.

I have more dental work, if that can be possible. That was thrilling news to hear about in my foggy haze on my way out the door.

So I can’t stay in bed and read my nice little book and fall asleep and watch TV and fall asleep again. I have to get organized. My brain hurts.

Least Fun Ever

What is your least favorite thing in the entire universe? Mine is the dentist. It’s that water sprayer and air blower thing. It makes this noise that goes up my spine worse than fingers on chalk or styrofoam squeaking. I get goosebumps and chills and shakes. Ugh.

It also doesn’t help that my first dentist was what I would have to call technically not good. And I ended up with braces. Twice. And retainers. And a cracked tooth that fell off a lot. So when I grew up I got a better dentist, at least tried. There were many failed attempts to get that right. But then my hubby bought me some fake teeth to fix the cracked one and others, and I thought I was in the clear.

While you are goofing around on the internet reading this tomorrow, I will be thoroughly sedated as my crowns and caps and the veneer that chipped (a completely unrelated tooth to the OTHER chipped one, injured VIA cucumber salad at a cookout this weekend) are all going to be dealt with for once and for all. And while I look forward to finally finding a great dentist (my cleaning was painless) and the drugs should help, I am going to have a rough couple days. Hopefully I’ll never have another messed up tooth again.

Pity me, please. 😦

Third Time’s A Charm

Remember when I startled you with this announcement?

Then confounded you with this one?

Well, we’ve been in San Diego a year, which is longer than we thought at first, but at the same time, after seeing the winter we had to see it in summer, and what a difference there was (winter was better!). All the same, last winter we made so many ski trips that we decided it would be easier to spend a whole season skiing. Having great friends permanently residing there doesn’t hurt either. If you can believe it, they ran around looking for the perfect place for us. I am so blessed.

So at some point around the end of October, we will be moving to PARK CITY UTAH!

Good news for everyone around this site that knows me, you’ll have a free place to stay when you come on your winter ski trip! You know I’m expecting you all to come see me – and bring some good booze in your luggage…I’m not gonna be able to handle that watered down Mormon crap without you. 😉