Holy Pigtails And Pillowfights

For serious. You might not know this, I myself wasn’t even sure of this until verification tonight. But it just so happens there are FOUR girls (three of which I have not met) showing up at my house tomorrow night. I’m thinking of sending MK to BB’s and bringing TB over here for the Cosmos. He might go readily – that’s a whole lot of estrogen. Furthermore, the sump pump in the house broke or something (I just went to the mall) so the basement is under reconstruction. We’re only down one room for one night, but it just seems easier that we all sleep in sleeping bags in front of the fire and give each other makeovers.

Okay, not really. We’ll make do. And have fun. I’m so excited to meet the friends SF is bringing and laugh about how they all fall short of my awesomeness. Just kidding… 😉

We’re going to ski. Some of us for the first time. We’ll be back at Deer Valley. ACES! We’ll have drinks. And late night junk food. And probably at least one heated discussion and if the last month is my indicator, some totally unnecessary tears. You know you’re jealous. If I’m really lucky, my old friend JV might even make an appearance, as he flies himself around the country before the start of his new job. He might be bringing a single male.

Cat fight! Contest! Drama!

Yeah right.

I promise not to stir the pot anymore than this epic blog post, and I promise most of this is in jest anyway. But this is our last company! We have to go out with a bang!

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Free Limo Anyone?

TheRSVPing has begun. I’m just all up on the internet looking up last years parties (totally the first time this blog has been a resource for anyone) and trying to find the new ones. The free ones. The best ones. SXSW’s a little ways a way but sneaks up on us fast so I’m going for a head start so we’re not pulling a last year (Sparks at the house for hours of “where do we go from here?” debates). Actually that was funny but you know what I mean…

This year the intensity of my excitement is making me nervous. It’s honestly been a crappy couple weeks (months?). Don’t get me wrong- I love skiing and being here but as you know it’s been a little heartbreaking and sad. Getting back to Austin with some of the greatest people I know has me so happy. I hope SXSW can live up to these high expectations. I want to see pH10! I want that place packed! I want to get free drinks, not wait in lines! See the bands everyone is dying to see.

So imagine my chagrin when I see so many great line ups so far away from my foot-coverable ground. We couldn’t even find cabs to get us to the East side last year, it was a zoo. The buses were slow. So we need some help.  I’m going to go ahead and put out there that I need a limo. You put it out there you get it right? (We learned all about that JC and KD). No cab for me. We’re going all out. I want someone to volunteer to drive my friends and I around. Let’s all focus our energies or whatever (I didn’t read the book, what do you call it…) and it’ll come true. Right?

A girl can dream…

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Park City Mountain Resort

We have company this weekend that snowboards. MK had taken care of NN and ND in my absence so this was my first trip this year to a resort other than Deer Valley. (DV doesn’t do snowboards). The main problem I had with Park City resort is that they don’t limit their ticket sales. There is no “sold out” point. It was amazingly crowded. We couldn’t find parking. On the mountain no matter what your level of ability, you got to harrowing spots. The pit stops for food were packed. The bathrooms were dirty.

I’m not going to preach too much about etiquette and skiing vs. snowboarding. The evidence speaks for itself…and to be fair there were some crazy skiers out there too. I got pretty worn out looking out for people that were supposed to be looking out for me – that’s why I got better at skiing in the first place- and trying a new strange mountain. I hope tomorrow is a little calmer. Seriously it was a strong reminder that we are so spoiled at Deer Valley and will continue to appreciate that.

Otherwise we had a lot of fun. We weren’t happy to see KG get hurt, but did enjoy the Celtics game. We made new friends and found an interesting new bar. Keeping busy is always fun but I’m headed to a lazy dinner and night in with a movie – unless my eyes don’t cooperate, a distinct possibility.

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What Do You Think?

Good thing I kept these around, it seems like all I do these days.


Five Found Facts I Barely Believe:

  1. A rat can last longer without water than a camel.
  2. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and
    down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top.
  3. If one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will
    instantly go mad and sting itself to death.
  4. By raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, you cannot
    sink into quicksand.
  5. The glue on Israeli postage is certified kosher.

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Appreciating Your Understanding

Man, I miss you guys! This intermittent blogging is just not working for me! I’m not even sure what’s going on or what to tell you about. We’re sending the computer in so that’s the good news, mainly that it’s not my fault and will get fixed apparently under warranty. Bad news is I’m going to be begging for blogging during SXSW! That’s right folks, finally after much drama my flight is (correctly) booked and I’m off. I was nervous MK wasn’t going to send me but I convinced him getting away will be good for me. SB and others will be there and that has me super excited that this year will be the best yet. The party invites are already rolling in. The band list looks great, as always.

Hopefully KD will put up with my chronicling our adventures this year for posterity from her gear since I’ll be empty handed. Or maybe even JC’s iPhone would do the trick – Apple had a WordPress application that Blackberry doesn’t. Boo. If nothing else, know that I’ll take a ton of pictures and good notes!

In other quick blurt update kinda news we had a ton of snow this week. I still end up last all the time but have to admit I impressed myself – if no one else- this week by learning a lot about how to ski when you can’t see your skis.The pictures don’t do the snow of the crazy new runs justice. I almost want to get myself the shirt ASH liked, “Sometimes I amaze even myself!”

powder lotsa snow new run tb in powder me ski

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