Everyone is a professional photographer with the help of the filters on the phone application Instagram.

Except me. I will continue to take too may photos of snow and sunsets and not grow beyond that realm.

Good news is, even without the phone app you can view said monotonous photos with this link.

Hooray, it is your lucky day.


Snow Memes

Just a few of my favorites while I’ve got snow on the brain. Storm Brutus showed up this morning and it hasn’t stopped snowing yet! Good news for resorts that are planning to open in the coming weeks.









You have any other good ones?

Moose Season

Every year right before a big snow, these guys find their way into the neighborhood.  Many properties are steep but my backyard isn’t, so they really like hanging out here. They showed up at 10am this morning and as of 5pm are wandering around and eating after a long nap. I love watching them. I can’t help it, I take way too many photos.  🙂

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