Girly Spice

My hairdresser is wonderful.

I loved this sideways french braid that she (MB) showed me a while back.

Then today, I got to try this braid, that someone else found on the internet and tweeted. Look at all the social media work for a hairstyle!

I know some of you aren’t in love with my two tone hair – and I admit it even bugs me anywhere that isn’t Park City (SLC)…

but I think it looks great with this waterfall braid style!

Her husband has been calling me Sporty Spice – I’ve been out rock climbing and playing volleyball with them, and he is more used to me in heels and dresses.

I try to balance both, so there’s the girly stuff, stay tuned for the adventure blogs!


Vino And Vinyasa

We have a great group of people in our community, and the programs offered in Park City throughout the year amaze me. For a small town, there are organized ski groups, hiking and climbing clubs, bike groups…I mean, people are ACTIVE here. I love it. I’ve been provided opportunities to enjoy passions and explore new outdoor hobbies.

Yesterday, Lululemon and the St. Regis at Deer Valley gave us the (free!) opportunity to take a yoga class outside on the Fire Deck, followed with a glass of wine and a little socializing.

Words defy my first outdoor yoga experience. It was revitalizing, beautiful, serene – sense-ful, if that were an expression…sense-heightening, maybe? There was a huge turnout of men and women of all ages, and our instructor was a student of Baron Baptiste, not too shabby!

Vino and Vinyasa, gorgeous view @StRegisDV. #yoga on Twitpic

(click to enlarge)

I loved the chance to meet new people, work out, and enjoy a new setting for my yoga practice.

Leaving, I was wishing I could head up there and spend some time on my mat every day.
Fortunately, Lululemon has (free!) classes outdoors at City Park on Tuesdays.

The next Vino and Vinyasa at the St. Regis will be July 28th. Mark your calendars!

Mountain living this summer – even if summer took a long time to show up, as you can see there’s still snow in the picture! – is superb.

Alamo Drafthouse Goes Viral

You don’t have to be an Alamo Drafthouse loving former Austinite such as myself to have seen this video.

It started for me on facebook, with a few friends posting  the link. Then came the likes, the comments, the re-sharing.

Whether you think it’s real or not, funny or not, there’s one thing you can’t deny: it’s viral.

I got a link from someecards.

Anderson Cooper mentioned it.

People I know that have never been to Austin are begging for Alamo Drafthouse to open near them.

Right now, the video is close to 100,000 on youtube, which I’ve seen isn’t a perfect representation of hits, meaning it’s even more popular than that.

What an awesome use of social media to capture an audience and get people talking (just don’t do it during a movie). 🙂

What do you think? Love it? Or pure cheese?