UGG Ultra Collection

I’m not a typical product reviewer by any means. I can’t slip something on, love it, and recommend it.

What I did in this case is receive some boots. I wore them for a month. Now I can tell you about them 🙂

I was skeptical of this new line – there are so few good boots out there for women that are fashionable and at the same time functional. My hectic work week/ski weekend lifestyle has been a big adjustment.

So the first thing I liked was having something so stylish that I was able to wear to the office on snow days. I can leave them by the door and throw them on for my ski days on the mountain too. I love the thickness, warmth, and ankle support that is crucial to walking in Utah’s famously deep soft snow.

I wore these during Sundance, every day heading to the hill, and as I mentioned, to the office. People complimented me on them, and yes, were surprised they were UGGS.

Goofing around.

Goofing around.

I’m also pleased that after some rough wear, they still look and feel brand new. These are going to be a winter staple for me – for more than this season.



Digital ## Days

I signed up for Digital 40 Days at the beginning of January and attacked it full force. Like, for four days or so. The hardest part of doing something everyday? Doing it. So I failed. But the greatest thing I can learn from yoga is how to fail better.

Now it’s mid February and I finally came back to the mat. Not judging, not forgetting I’m a work in progress. The things I love change and fall by the wayside occasionally. Writing here used to be the most important thing to me. With adjusting to a new job and a new lifestyle, work and sleep have been winning over writing and exercise.

But it took today to realize you have to fight for what you want. Passion is making the time. And as far as yoga goes, today reminded me that the thing you bail on or put off might be the very thing you need the most.

I have the emails and podcasts saved, I have the commitment to just do the best I can. To take the failure as part of the lesson and to know that just what I needed was just what I got and what I will get as I recommit to my practice and better use and management of my time. I’ll finish my 40 days eventually. I’ll be late, but I’ll accept what it was, what it is, and where I will be soon. I’m guaranteed a transformation every time I get back in to my practice, and I plan on fighting harder to not let it go again.

What is something in your life that you want to commit to improving?