Watch Out Now

I have a plot.

That’s all you need to know. Whether I’m out partying or here working at the stroke of midnight is still up in the air, but that doesn’t even matter now that I have a CLUE what I will be writing. If any one asks, it was all my idea.

You just sit back and watch that meter start moving!

writing like crazy

October Tally

Final count on the Calendar of Depression:

  1. The letter W (for weights) appeared a total of 15 times.
  2. The letter C (for cardio) appeared a total of 18 times.
  3. The letter D (for drinking) appeared a total of 5 times.

That’s a decent improvement, I’m assuming November will be crap what with not being able to write and work out at the same time…

fat reducer

Beloved Ones

What an amazing weekend. We couldn’t have packed in more touristy stuff, laughing, fun, or food. We got to see and do everything and spend good times together. That makes up for the trip being late and short. Even just watching football with my aunt and cousin was a riot. We stopped to see them on the way to and from San Antonio. We got to spend time with AS’s parents and see her new MANSION. We did the Alamo, the Riverwalk, the boat, the tower, even a street festival. We had the nicest hotel, dinners, drinks, everything. This morning we walked Town Lake and then ate at Magnolia, which negates the walking, but it was so good! We’ll see what more we can pack into their last two days here.

love bear

Fluffy Guy

Took the parents to Cap. City Comedy Club to see Gabriel Iglesias last night. You might have seen him on Comedy Central or Last Comic Standing. Thursday night shows (I had no idea) are longer than Friday/Saturday because there’s only one show. There were two opening acts, Martin Moreno and Noe Gonzalez. Gabriel was up there TWO HOURS. He was really funny. I liked that he knew a lot about Austin and had been here enough to talk about local things. He also involved the crowd and made a lot of jokes on the spot. Dad was cracking up and Mom got caught laughing at even some of the crude jokes :). If you’ve got time this weekend, worth checking out!


We’ll be in San Antonio for the weekend, we get to stay at the Contessa and eat at Biga on the Banks, my family gets to meet my best friend AS’s parents, which I’m really looking forward to. Have a good weekend!

6 Days

I’ve cleaned the house. I’ve ironed every shirt in the closet. I’ve mopped. Why, you ask? Not because the ‘rents are coming (two days late). Not because I’m trying to win Housewife of the Year. No, NANOWRIMO STARTS in 6 days. I’m supposed to write a book.

I have a week to figure this out.

Where I’m going to type. What coffee to buy. What frozen dinners to pick up. Who I’ll have to explain why I haven’t answered a phone call in 30 days.

I did get two things done. I read the No Plot No Problem book the founder of NaNoWriMo wrote. It was cute. And helpful. And a little relieving. Then, I bought myself something I ALWAYS wanted (much to the dismay of SSHH).

old man sweater

An old man sweater. Something about this makes me want to write (and smoke a pipe, but I won’t). I don’t know what it is. So, if you see me, you’ll see me in this. For a month. And whenever I write after that. It’s the official WRITING SWEATER. I’m naming it Nita. Nita B. Cleaned. It will be.

43 Things

I’ve been looking over this site tonight that’s called 43 Things (dotcom). Austin is one of the biggest participating cities, but the site is a little odd. There’s also a…

Let me know if you can figure it out. I’ve never heard of this before – probably just another social networking site, but nonetheless, a neat one.

43 things

The ‘Rents

The parental units are descending upon the city of Austin. We’ll hang out here for the week and then spend the weekend in San Antonio. Per the typical family trip, it is supposed to rain as soon as they get here. Blame it on my ‘rents.

It should be sunny in San Antonio so that’s good – we get to go to the Alamo and the Riverwalk and some festival street-thing that my friend AS told us about. Matter of fact, her parents are coming in this weekend too and we’re having a fancy dinner out.

The best part of this trip for my Mom and Dad is they aren’t coming down for a wedding or graduation or anything life that – so we get to relax. Usually there’s too much going on and we don’t even get to really visit.