Park City Summer

The past few days have been so great.

Friday I got to sit out in the sun and work on my tan. Yes, CH, waaay tanner than you now. MK went to the valley and I got to join MH and AM for their softball game. Unbelievably, it is LEGAL to DRINK in City Park in Park City. That kind of blew my mind. So we had a couple of beers. The games were fun to watch and the weather was just perfect. The team went out but MH and I decided to go eat some sushi at our favorite place, Hapa Grill.

Saturday was another gorgeous day and MK did yard work and we lounged around a bit. He organized his office, and I made the place spotless. We had dinner with the B’s and enjoyed a nice night in together.

Sunday I went to the Silly Market again, with MH and AM after a little shopping around town. Possibly most important is the perfect shade of lip color she picked out for me. Made my month. We stopped at Doolan’s for lunch and drinks, and got to go see AM’s new place and the softball team ended up there too, and we had a giant pool party! We relocated back to City Park and played sand volleyball, which was the best volleyball I’ve ever played, beating MK’s team every time. Figures I’d be good at volleyball here, not on the beach. I think the key was the “rotate like a robot” rule we came up with. Did wonders for the team. We had dinner at the Spur to round out the weekend.

Monday was a little slow starting after Sunday Funday, but we did run some errands and have a big dinner, and watch a movie.

Tuesday MK took me on a hike date at Deer Valley, then out to watch the World Cup and enjoy a burger and beer at O’Shucks. It’s been so much fun to enjoy the weather and friends we’ve made.

A flower in front of our house


Master Bedroom

I’ve told you twice now that I’ve been sleeping in an unfinished room.

It looked like this for a long time.

Then we finally got around to the sanding. If I ever leave or even slightly tick off MK, he’s got photos of me at my most doofus looking – the day I had to sand the room. Eye gear, beanie since it kept getting in my hair. Long shirt and pants. And it still got everywhere. Drywall spackle dust SUCKS.

Then we primed it and it looked bad. So there was some respackling and resanding. Then priming again. Then this week, FINALLY, MK, who lost a bet and got forced to do it instead of me, put up the knockdown. The walls were textured and we had to make our new wall match. Yikes. So glad it wasn’t me. And thankfully he did incredibley, considering how tricky of a project it was.

Then I painted and WOAH! For the first time probably since we moved in, the bedroom was all the same color. The walls and trim got a touch up. The  closets are done. We have curtains and vases and wall art and only need a TV for the room the be complete. Amazing!

New Walls!

This is right before we hung the painting. We’ll put a black dresser in front and mount a tv, maybe from the ceiling, so it hangs in front. It’s just an ikea print, but it really opens the room up.

Ta Da!

Losing Sleep

Trying to tell myself not to sweat the small stuff and that it all is. Small stuff.



Five ‘Don’t You Hate It When That Happens Moments’ I’ve Had This Week:

  1. Computer/phone errors triple posting crap on me.
  2. Butting heads with MK trying to plan the perfect reunion for people I don’t even know. 
  3. Remembering things I didn’t write down and therefore didn’t do. 
  4. Every errand was twice as long and half as successful.
  5. Forgetting to take before pictures of all our hard housework is driving me nuts!

Buy Me A Bed And Breakfast

Last winter I got good (I think) at being a hostess. In fact, since we moved out of Austin, we’ve had over 50 visitors come and stay with us in various places at various times, I’ve lost count. And I really grew to love it. A full house is a happy house. Especially in Park City, in the winter, during the holidays.

Which is why I think I should buy you should buy me a bed and breakfast.

And it just so happens there is one for sale. On Main Street. I bet it’s easier to take care of strangers, I can accidentally become lazy around friends. And they can keep coming, at a reduced rate 😉

Here it is.

As you can see, it’s missing some things. Like walls. So long story short I need about 4 million dollars.

I could be good at this. Lots of fresh-baked muffins for breakfast to make the place smell yummy. After you hang some walls, I can remodel, paint, and decorate myself. Auction furniture to make each of the 10 rooms unique. MK can guide you around if you want a ski guide at any of the ski resorts. Dinner menus from all the great places on Main (of course I’d ask for specials). Want a night without the kids? Go to dinner and I’ll watch them for two hours and make them some pizza.

I can handle cleaning sheets. Make sure you’re cozy. Sell you stuff you may have forgotten (there is no drug store on Main, I could totally find a way to incorporate one for all the tourists…). Get you up for first chair. Host a happy hour after you’re home and showered. Have nice TVs and a decent DVD collection/Netflix hookup.

Convinced? I’ll let you know where to send the check.

New Pantry Plans

Sometimes this house stuff is so uninteresting I feel bad making you read about it. But, Momm likes it and it’s pretty much all I do. MK won’t let me go for a hike or bike ride until I’ve completed the renovations of the entire house. Slave driver.

So, the latest idea is to put a hole in the wall between the kitchen and the living room. Not JUST so I can watch Law and Order while I cook, but to open it up and let more light in. And so I can watch Law and Order while I cook.

We’re planning on taking down all the wood on the living room wall (when MK’s dad comes, which is soon approaching!). Here’s what that looks like to remind you.

The other side of that wall is the pantry. Here’s what that looked like to remind you.

MK ripped all the wood out, and much to our chagrin, as I mentioned in this post, ever so briefly, found wallpaper. And had to remove it. And that was gross. But I did it, patched all the holes, and painted the space.


We have no idea  if it’s possible to make it a whole walk through doorway, or just a picture window type deal. We’ll find out. In the meantime, we went ahead and took down all the shelves. Because if it is eventually a walkway or window, you don’t want to look at our food. We found the perfect ikea piece, which is technically called a ‘desk’ although I can’t see you using it for that. It’s our new roll top hidden pantry.

Park Silly Market

Every Sunday in the spring and summer, Main Street hosts a little street fair with vendors and kids activities, food and shopping. The first Sunday also happened to be SB’s 4th birthday, and we got to go to the Market and celebrate her birthday with the family. She bought her own presents with a gift card and got a free fairy costume. It also happened to be about 40 outside. Brr. For the last three weeks, it’s been warm in the high 70s with one day in the week day that is ice cold.

The second Sunday was Father’s Day, and we got to join the B’s again, for lunch at Wasatch Brew Pub, a stroll down Main, and SB’s first pair of flip flops! We also had cake and wine after to celebrate TB’s birthday and BB’s first 2 kid Father’s Day. The B’s have a busy June!

Here’s a whole album of photos from the weekends. Turn around time is so much better when I’m taking the pictures!

Slice Of Heaven

If anyone didn’t check my Twitter over there on the right (you don’t have to sign in to look around!) you are totally missing out on my super awesome patio and furniture. A few chairs with cushions was all it took to make me fall in love with this house all over again. The weather here is so perfect, so it follows being comfortable outside is perfect. I thought I’d share it again, in a much sunnier picture:

I’ve been sitting out there with my coffee and book most mornings for a week now. It’s all kinds of  gorgeous and lovely. Tons of sweet chirpy birds keep me company. By the way, the latest book I finished, An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England, was great if you’re looking for something to read!

We’ve done so much to the house! I kept stalling on the photos – trying to get the B’s over here to see it in person. But each phone call from Momm means I can’t wait any longer.

Here’s a before of my office/2nd guest/future kid if there are kids room:

There were two touching blue walls, and two touching white-ish walls. No idea why. It bugged me. MK replaced all the outlets, and I painted the walls and the ceiling. Then, I finally talked him into letting me put some racing stripes on the wall. It’s the chardonnay and merlot room now!

Painting with a dark color like that on a not perfectly flat wall was no easy feat. Neither was getting the one little drop of paint out of the carpet. But I am super thrilled with how well it came out. Still need to hang a bit of wall art, but making good progress! We painted MK’s office closet, which means I have painted every single room in the house, ceilings too, except his office and the one bathroom downstairs that came done. No wonder my neck permanently hurts!