Happy Thanksgiving

What I'm Missing

Go ahead and read all of these for a good laugh.

While you’re eating and napping, I think our plan is to ski and party!

Lots of love to all my friends and family!!

Couldn’t go home this year or I’d be at my ten year reunion…


Spelling And Typos

We all, from time to time, make mistakes. I have a sweet Momm and Dadd that will read my writing and let me know if I make a mistake. And husband. And brother. And Snippy. And anyone else I might ask for feedback. Here, Facebook, Twitter, Ski Utah. Doesn’t matter. It’s important to me that I express myself clearly and part of that is not being ignorant of something I may have overlooked.

You wouldn’t hire someone who couldn’t be counted on to be consistent and professional, and writing well is part of that, even if it’s not the main focus of that person’s job. As an advertiser you’d quit giving a site money if it made mistakes too often.

Maybe not everyone has time for someone to help proofread their work. But it is starting to drive me totally crazy that so many people who have an online presence are simply terrible at spelling. Grammar and writing style are one thing. Sometimes I’m trying to convey something funny or snarky and write it a certain way that may not work for you. That’s allowed. I won’t pick on you for that. But if your ‘career’, no matter how serious, has you posting online, I think you should spell or have someone proofread your work.

Does it matter to you if you get a work email that is barely legible? Not a quick text from a friend written more to convey an idea than tell a story, but something that is supposed to be professional. I’ve been seeing some blogs, Facebook business pages, and Twitter accounts lately that have typos that hurt my brain. What would you do? I’m tempted to find the equivalent of the online ‘red pen’ and go around correcting people. But I’m betting it won’t make me many friends…

Healthy Health

Perusing my past is a constant theme around here lately. I’ve been digging around my own archives to see what I can learn about myself. I find it hysterical I was once posting a weeks worth of workouts, cardio, and drinking habits with you. I was honest and accountable, but that didn’t really change my habits.

The weirdest thing about yoga to me is that I can practice it all day, but if something sets me off, I’m right back to my old self. This happened when I visited my parents, and even in talks with friends. We all do this with resolutions. It isn’t easy to be resolute.

After Vegas I was trying a little healthy eating, no drinking, minimum caffeine regimen. It barely lasted a week. Your resolve constantly needs to be strengthened, I think that is why yoga gives you mantras, and AA gives you the Serenity Prayer. I mean, to look at it’s most basic level, I’m not even going to make my book reading goal that seemed so easy back then.

My workouts were super duper insane when we lived in La Jolla – minimum 5 mile runs and then power lifting 5 days a week. But I pretty much looked and felt the same after a year of that. Yoga as a workout has improved my flexibility, but I’m sure not getting any skinnier.

What is the hardest resolution for you to keep? Does it deal with food, alcohol, writing, reading, even workouts? What do you do to try harder?

All Geared Up

Every year, I go to the ski swap. For three years running, I’ve made out like a bandit. My boots and skis were like a tenth of what anyone else would sell them for. And they’re SWEET!

These are my kick ass boots:

These are the best chick powder skis:

And they’re all mine.

I’ve got a gorgeous new coat (half off in San Diego) to add to the package, and I’m only one step away from being cute and economically sensible on the slopes. 🙂