Body Combat, Phase Two

Listen, folks, Body Combat is the most popular search on the site for, well, eternity, and I feel I owe you a little more.

Not only for that reason, but most likely because I have demonic, crazy friends, I went to Body Combat. This morning.

At 5:30.

morning person

That requires getting up at 4:30 and getting dressed and putting in the pigtails and eating and getting water and getting in the car and driving and it’s still dark out.

I’m pretty sure Body Combat is that much more intense, there is a direct correlation between the workout and how ridiculously early you get sucked into doing it. It was a great class because, well, for obvious reasons (it’s still dark out) it’s pretty empty, which really helps, as opposed to the after 5pm class where you’re trying not to roundhouse any lady in front of you. The only little problem that I encountered was that where I’d had the tooth pulled is still a little achy, exacerbated by the jumping. So I had to tone it down a little. But, I think I still get extra points for the early workout.

My treat was some tea at Starbucks, the only thing that wouldn’t negate the workout (no calories…) but it was funny that my friend knew everyone in a tri-county area so we had to be all cheery and awake when I just wanted to whine about her waking me up so early. Therefore, it appears that since I handled the morning so well, I’ll be at Body Pump tomorrow, at 5:45.

Dare me to survive the day without a nap???


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