*Previous and Ongoing Work: I currently work at Akavit. They make websites and apps that are pretty to look at and even better to use. I run their internal marketing and actively pursue clients that understans social media is a huge and successful way to take digital marketing and wrap their online strategy around it.

Before that at Friendemic I managed accounts and social media, with the title of BMW Brand Strategist and the keys to some very important castles. We primarily serviced BMW, Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealerships and FIAT studios, but also handled other verticals.

I previously worked at Sizzle Factor. I’ve learned a ton about marketing and Social Media for businesses. We focused on eCommerce, hosting, fulfillment and tons of other exciting stuff. Clients included: Squarebid, Greg Norman Collection, Dunning Golf, Paul Jr. Designs, Rugged Commerce, Utah Bankruptcy Law Center, Park Luxury Sporting Accessories, onlyopencart and simplyxcart.

*Press Releases – Notably this piece announcing the launch of website Squarebid was picked up by the Wall Street Journal.

*Ski Utah Blog – I won an incredible opportunity to be part of The Greatest Blog on Earth with a video submission and  social media contest. It has evolved into an experience full of exploring everything Utah has to offer and sharing with a wide, engaged online audience.

*President – Social Media Club of Salt Lake City – This opportunity took me two years but I’m proud to say that under my leadership the board is better than ever and we are an official chapter of the global organization and are developing the go-to reputation of thought leadership and creativity in Utah.

*Freelancing – Copywriting, social media, and design

Awards and Printing

Hot Skillet Productions

Concert review for TicketCake

Brick Oven Restaurants, Austin Texas

*Photography – I’ve worked with some of Utah’s most incredible ski photographers for exciting photo shoots.

Eric Schramm Photography 2012

*Video – Worked with Park City Television and hosted some interviews and featured stories. The End of Ski Season Celebrity Ski Fest at Canyons

*Love UT – The most rewarding opportunity I’ve had from The Community Foundation of Utah has been to run marketing point for Love UT Give UT, the online day of giving for the state. I ran marketing for the event in 2014 with Friendemic’s support and 2015 with Akavit.


I’m always looking for opportunities to write. Guest blog post? Sure. Contributor to… pretty much anything? I’m in. Copy you can’t imagine writing yourself? Get in touch!


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