The First Tough One…

My next topic from The Daily Post is:

What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

Since it’s Friday I’ll go nuts and give you five.


Five Important Things I Accomplished In 2010:

  1. Starting yoga.
  2. Keeping in touch with everyone I love.
  3. Learning about the ski industry from that ski pass I won.
  4. Learning to deal with the struggle of ‘putting yourself out there’ from said ski pass.
  5. Making some amazing new friends.

Gotta Keep It Going

Happens every time. Thanks for coming back again and again.


Five Reasons I Revive This Blog Every Time It’s On The Brink Of Death:

  1. Show off my mad house stuff skills.
  2. I might be the last person on the internet that can spell.
  3. Momm asks for pictures.
  4. I get all worked up about something and need to rant.
  5. Momm asks for pictures.

Come On

It’s about to snow, so we’re keeping the ski theme.


Five Things People Are Actually Telling Me Predicts A Snowy Winter

  1. How much you see the moose eating.
  2. How much domestic animals are shedding.
  3. How ashy your skin is.
  4. The Farmer’s Almanac.
  5. A Meteorologist, ha!

Two moose stopped by yesterday

Five Steps Of Opinion Changing

Let me break it down.


From Cute And Harmless To Over It:

  1. First, a blog post is written, forever ago.
  2. Then you see a big spike in blog traffic.
  3. You realize the traffic is due to more recent news.
  4. You consider updating the post to make it relevant.
  5. You realize that would be horrible since you liked the original post but are not as big a fan of the person anymore, and that contradicts your post about being less involved in pop culture.

The Things You Do

Breaking barriers is scary.


Five Crazy Things I’ve Done For/Because Of Yoga:

  1. I’m eating quinoa, even though I’m still not sure what exactly it is.
  2. I’m trying to invert my body into poses I can’t believe.
  3. Adamant about hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim.
  4. Letting so much not stress me out it seems foreign.
  5. Trying to keep putting myself out there and taking giant leaps of faith.