A ReDo

Things feel funny.


Five Firsts For The Next Trip To Vegas:

  1. Going with family. 
  2. Making group reservations.
  3. Seeing a show that isn’t Cirque.
  4. Being the tour guide.
  5. Planning to be certain places at certain times.

Beginning Yoga

I just finished my second full hour of yoga. Fortunately for MK, this isn’t the kind of thing I need a new wardrobe for, and I already own a mat. In addition, there are a ton of DVDs I can watch on Netflix instantly. Because this is what I do: enjoy something, decide to be hooked, and then spend more time shopping for accessories than doing the actual workout or sport. I think that’s a typical girl thing…

I have spent some time online reading up on the whole deal, and don’t see myself going much further than the basics, but this is me two hours in. We’ll see in a couple of months. My first class was at a gym here, and I thought it was pretty easy. Until two days later, when the backs of my legs and all the things I had stretched out and felt some heat on were aching. But a good ache. Then we had company and a trip to Vegas and a day in bed to recover from Vegas, but I was eager to try again. I just did 5 10-minute videos to try some different things. It was definitely challenging and already rewarding.

As a short little thing, I feel like I walk taller and have more grace after yoga. I feel full, breathe well, and totally sleep like a baby. That’s enough benefits to keep me coming back. I look forward to this new journey and sharing it with you – I have no idea what I’m supposed to keep track of or how I know if I’m improving, so feel free to share if you know more than I do!

The Goody Spin Pin

I love it when things work. And here I can tell you that they do. From the traffic to this post in particular, I know a lot of people are interested. Let me know if you’ve tried these yet! I also love it when someone tells me some new product works too. Let me know your favorite new things so I can share.

My current joy is the Goody Spin Pin.

Not only can I put my hair up and make it look fancier than normal, like I knew I was doing a real updo, but when I take it down, there aren’t any creases or any of that crap that can typically happen. In fact, my layers curl and look better that if I style it, so I’ve been putting the pins in my hair damp and taking it down when it dries to do it for the day.

Geeks Who Drink

The City Weekly here pointed me to @WWJDinSLC, who then pointed me to Piper Down for a trivia night hosted by Geeks who Drink. I forgot it was even Wednesday, but at 6pm we called up two buddies and ran down to the bar. It was the same pub style trivia I’d played in Austin. It was totally packed, I think there were about 34 teams. At the end of 4 rounds we were mysteriously in 2nd place. Then at the end of 6 we were 7th, then we emerged with a stunning comeback to take 2nd place with 69 points, which we are pretending to have done on purpose, since the winning team only beat us by one point. And, might I add, they had quite a few more people on their team.

I’d like to thank my parents and brothers for the exceptional knowledge I played the round of wrestling quotes and the question about the KFC Double Down. I’d like to thank RD for teaching me about Indian food, I rocked that category too. We won a 25$ gift card to the bar. We’ll be back.

If Peer Pressure Works

Living here for just the last week has made me realize something: If peer pressure works, every one of you will tell me you hate me this year. If peer pressure works, I might end up in spandex. If peer pressure works, I’ll be franchising a gym. If peer pressure works, I’ll have the butt of a biker, not of a Kardashian. If peer pressure works…

There wasn’t even a break. All the locals that I’ve been scoping out and recognizing amidst tourists all winter are basically all that are left now. You can’t miss them. They didn’t take a break. The ski resorts closed Sunday, and they went home Sunday night and washed and packed their ski gear. Then they broke out the road bikes, the mountain bikes, the running gear, the hiking poles.


I feel like I spent a long successful winter flying down runs, and even and extra tough last week plowing through powder, to enjoy some lying around in the warm weather. But no. THERE’S NO BREAK IN PARK CITY!

I am pretty happy about it, really. We tried the Globo Gym here, then the more casual Joe’s Gym. We tried walking around outside. We will try to take advantage of all the lessons and learning from friends about spring sports and athletics there is to try. I’m only to happy to run my errands in work out clothes, once I’m no longer the FATTEST person in the entire city, even though I’m losing weight. I’ll love getting out and doing things with people. I’ll love the adventures. But really, really, I’ll be easy to spot amidst these crazies, I’ll still be taking a break.


I like not titling my blogs what they’re really about. So they DON’T pop up in google searches, even though that violates rule #1 of traffic. I also like that my FB, twitter, and THIS site actually take you trying to get to.


So I can’t rant guilt free. And I don’t do it nearly enough.

Here I go:

MK and I had an awesome time at the Park City Cocktail Contest.

Thursday night. Swanky bar, I’m OK saying we can only afford to eat at if we’re too embarrassed to say no to who invites us- it’ll happen.

Drinks, fun! PEOPLE.

But some chick that was hitting on MK (NOT EVEN THE RANT YET) tells us to get this drink, since she’s a PR chick and this drink will win. Wait, what?

Well, to make it far, sure, maybe it’s easier to know the winner ahead of time, if it’s a celebrity judge panel. Like they know what tastes good. But still. Not the rant.


So, this drink won. Good for this drink, that we had, and it was good.

This is where you watch the video.

Fun, right? And we get a parting gift, and it was for charity,


(Begin rant)


That link is  the vodka, suggesting a drink that won a contest that was judged on ‘creativity’. Grr.