Earning Fun

Not a huge deal, but an interesting change.


Five Vegas Firsts:
1. NPR the whole 6 hour drive.
2. First night in, no drinking. AT ALL.
3. In bed by 10pm.
4. Up at 7am.
5. Still sober, and somehow still having fun!


Second Major Announcement

The reason that I wrote this post was that I was keeping a secret. And having a hard time with it. To be fair, I wasn’t really even keeping the secret from that many people – I told a ton of family and friends. But they’re the ones that like the boring details. I wanted to try as hard as I could to NOT bore you all with those details. But it’s still a big secret, that I can finally tell you:

MK and I are buying a house! In Utah!

(Park City, don’t worry, the cool part!) We couldn’t really announce whether or not we were moving, or where to, until we knew for sure, and actually buying something sure can slow the decision down!

This is something most people do, so YOU might not think it’s THAT big of a deal. But this is us. The gypsies. If you haven’t been around all that long, read some old blog posts. I NEVER thought we’d really settle down*. I thought we’d be living off other people’s things in other people’s homes FOREVER.

The reason I kept the secret until now is that DUDE – home buying totally sucks. I wouldn’t be in a rush to do it again. And without giving you all the details of my personal business, we should not be having a hard time. We’re all, “We want this one, here’s some money, when can we move in?” But nooo. We have to of course deal with a thousand people that we can’t convince to get on the same page. Ugh. If you’ve been there, you know. And it might not be that shocking to you. But I’m not going to blog about trying to put offers in and wait on inspections and all that. (Yet another thing I’m bored about if you post it on Facebook). We had at one time in Austin been through the process on a dozen different houses and never ended up with one, so I didn’t see much of a point.

As a matter of fact – we don’t have keys in our hand yet. Our lease was up before we could close so we are yet again crashing at the B’s!

Here’s a picture of this time around:

Fall 09

Compared with last years for a laugh:

It may look similar – TB thought it was LESS stuff, until I reminded her we’ve also filled half their garage with our ski gear, and anything that won’t freeze.

Oh and by the way, here’s the gorgeous snow we got on our first day here:



*We’re not really settling down. We’re going to live in San Diego every summer and here every winter – at least – that’s the plan!

Some Clues

Bet you can guess what’s coming. These aren’t even clues. This is like a map.


Five Cases Of Deja Vu:

  1. Last year: Anxious for snow. This year: Expecting snow tomorrow.
  2. Last year: Things I couldn’t wait for. This year: Ditto.
  3. Last year: Drama getting going. This year: Less drama, but still.
  4. Last year: Explaining the move. This year: Wait for it…
  5. Last year: Visitors. This year: Everyone get ready!

Extended Summer

One thing I am not a super huge fan of on Facebook, almost as much as typos, is you telling me about the weather. “It’s nice out” doesn’t really merit my attention. I could see it if you were in the middle of a crazy hurricane, but then again, get off Facebook and go stand in the doorway or whatever it is you’re supposed to do.

But San Diego is killing me! Every day this past week I’ve had to resist the temptation to post an update letting everyone know that it is the Best Day Ever. It’s been super warm and sunny. MK and I took our cruisers out every day, went and worked out, walked the beach, dined al fresco, and got tons of sun. You wouldn’t even know it was October!

We have been super spoiled with this beach condo. Float parties right outside our door, a giant hot tub, good friends- Dude, a beach wedding(!), my brother moving here(!), and enough beach volleyball to exhaust anyone. (I never told you guys my DADD got out there and played with us!!)

So, San Diego, and everyone I love so much in it, thanks for making this without a doubt one of the best summers I’ve ever had!

It’s Like Christmas

Fact of the matter is, y’all are about due for another major announcement. I’m prolonging it.

But MK and I are moving again. Which means if you’re a lucky chosen one, you get crap. I know, it’s terrible. But on principal, we can’t just throw away food. And one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? So remember, friend I’m bestowing cans of tuna on, I love you. And that’s really like 100$ worth of crap we just can’t fit, but we choose to share.

I have these serious mixed emotions trying to pawn off things on people. Things I didn’t use in almost six months. I don’t want you to think you’re not good enough for filets, but we eat those. And so we ask you if you’d like some leftover pickles in a half empty jar.

I would take your scraps. I get it. The money has been spent. The buy-one-get-ten sale can be too much for anyone. So there are have leftovers. And my laptop and eyeliner are getting in the moving van before the Crystal Light.

So thanks for using our things. Or if you move, thanks for giving us your things. It’s a circle of Christmas re-giving of random room-making expendables that “GYPSIES” like MK and I come to count on!

Super Jealous

Yesterday’s post was a picture instead of a heart warming tale becuase I was pouting. After talking with MK (and CH!) about possibly scalping tickets to MNF – he got one for free. So I let him go, Mr. Doesn’t Even Watch Football, and I stayed home and sulked.

There was no food in the house, I had no car, and after the gym I just sat around and watched the game on TV and pouted. I suppose I could have met friends out, but then I would have had nothing to complain about…

He sent me a phone picture of his fantastic seats, right on the 50 yard line:


He was all in VIP in the luxury seats with a waitress and fancy drinks and food. And got home well past bed time and wasn’t even all hyped up to tell me all about it, and the pictures he took with the real camera while there weren’t that fantastic – I blame the margaritas.

Never Gets Old

DR made my week with his observation that we should have stayed in college.


Five Jokes Perfect For This Weekend:

  1. Why can’t Texas fall into the Gulf? Oklahoma SUCKS.
  2. Guy in a bar says, “Wanna hear a good OU joke?” The guy next to him replies, “Well before you tell that joke, you should know I’m 6′, 200 lbs., and I’m an OU grad. The guy next to me is 6′ 2″…;…, 225lbs, and he’s an OU grad. And the fella next to him is 6′ 5″, 250lbs, and he’s an OU grad. Now, you still wanna tell that joke?” The first guy says, “No, not if I’m gonna have to explain it three times.”
  3. What does the OU grad say to the UT grad? “Do you want fries with that?”
  4. It was reported that Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops will only be dressing twenty players for the Texas game. The rest of the players will have to get dressed by themselves.
  5. What is the difference between an Sooner fan and a puppy? Eventually the puppy stops whining.

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Baked for sweet hubby yesterday. For how good these taste, they aren’t very pretty.



I actually am not as big of a fan, so it’s the perfect food to have in the house, something he eats that I don’t. This might be one of the only things I can think of where that is the case *sigh*.