The Hassle of Moving Utilities

While most of what we do is gallivant around for fun and just use someone else’s stuff, running here and there on a whim, there are some real hassles. Doing this furnished housing coming and going has taught us a few things. I have become somewhat of a master at packing boxes creatively. I can tell you how to dole out shampoo and kitchen spices for 6 to 12 months with no leftovers. I can separate seasons of clothes better than ever. That stuff is a breeze. The least fun part has to be the cable, internet, electric, and gas billing.

You can’t just call up and pay for 6 months and be done. I wish. You can’t transfer because it’s a different company everwhere. MK needs a ton of security to work, so we’ve gotten two internet connections in most places. We got a COLLECTION LETTER last week – totally in error- please, for a bill we didn’t owe. And that information is so two houses ago. So it can be a hassle. We do our best and keep extensive files everywhere just in case problems like that come up. I just can’t stand dealing with the 1-800 numbers, the hold music, the passwords, the arguments.

MK dealt effectively with it and showed them who was boss. But dude, it has to be my biggest complaint to get all that stuff shut off in one place on the right date and set up in another on the right date. It never gets any easier!

BONUS: Featured News

  • Stay tuned for a GIANT EXCITING POST TOMORROW!!!
  • It rained all day yesterday, getting rid of all the snow. Now it’s snowing.
  • My baby car is all-growed-up – we go a tow hitch to transport more crap!
  • There’s now a “Moving” category in the category cloud- for you to read up on!
  • Get your calendars- we are already accepting reservations!
Imagine if we were OLD and still needed a land line phone, too...

Imagine if we were OLD and still needed a land line phone, too...

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