Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Check Them All The Time

We will have a home and internet soon!


Five Things Not Really Worthy of that Update on Facebook:

  1. …is going to work. (People do.)
  2. …is going out. (Too vague.)
  3. …is busy. (you’re on Facebook, how busy can you be?)
  4. …hates Mondays. (Complaints one and two.)
  5. …something that makes no sense except to one person that you’re mad at or dumped.

Let It Snow Already

I’ve got the boots. I’ve got new ski pants. TB and I have sweet Orage coats. And it’s 65 degrees. I’m beginning to wonder if this is really the same place I came to before with all that snow. Maybe I was mistaken. If I were home alone, I’d wear the full get up around the house. All day. I’m trying to be somewhat of an appropriate guest. Drinking and eating all the B’s goodies is bad enough. No need to let them know I’m also crazy.

We’ve played at the park and gone out walking and seen the sights. We’ve been working out on the super fancy brand new PreCor elliptical that BB bought TB. Like, we should be skiiiiny. Again. Already. It’s been two days…

I’m full of anticipation for moving and company and ski days and Cranium nights (yeah, still waiting to crack that open). There’s that big life lesson about enjoying the present and not spending too much time expecting what’s to come. But you might have sensed from the theme of posts this week I’m having a little trouble with that one.

I went through all the road trip pictures and decided it’s best if I spare you. I’m terrible at that job. Here’s us just being cute.

Park City Rules

MK is freezing. Under his three coats and four shirts. I’m in heaven. The B’s (TB and BB, not to be confused with MB and BB) keep telling us it was even prettier a couple weeks ago but I can’t believe it. The 12 hours in the car were totally worth it. Our drive wasn’t too bad if I overlook the fact there was no where to put my feet and there were boxes of Bisquick and dryer sheets in my face. We got in and I have to tell you it was the best “moving to a place” yet. In Seattle we got yelled at, in San Diego we had no home to go to. Arriving in Park City, we got a homemade delicious dinner, the cutest two year old ever singing the ABCs, and beer. FTW.

Some of you questioned this move. Some of you keep thinking I’m at the North Pole. Some of you think there’s no alcohol. I’ll keep you educated about how it’s a good move, it’s not (yet) the North Pole, and trust me, we’re drinking. Utah might be a little strange, but it’s definitely do-able. It’s another adventure in our big long list of travels and experiences and I already know it’s going to be great. Friends help. A change of pace is fun. Don’t get me wrong, I know we miss our San Diego friends, but they’ll come visit. We have four bedrooms ;).

We saw our new home yesterday. We already met some neighbors. We saw the sights. We got our Deer Valley *SEASON* passes. Our hosts keep cooking and baking and serving us drinks. This is the life. Even without the clothes hangers.

Here We Go Again

We are so lucky to have so many great friends. They all came out (on a Sunday!) to say their goodbyes. Or maybe they heard we’d be giving away canned good door prizes. Not yet. MK’s doing the final puzzle of fitting our life in to the car, and we’re off first thing in the morning.

I can’t even tell you how long you’re going to miss me for – I guess it depends on if my hosts let me touch the internet. We spent the weekend saying goodbye to the beach and now all I can think about is snow!

For the record, because I “keep it real” – the clothes hangers aren’t going to make it.