Ski Weekend

Where were you all weekend? I was at Deer Valley – looking for my feet.


have you seen a pair of skis around here?

It was hard to get a good shot, but there were spots the powder was up to my knees. MK taught me the ‘right’ way to get through this much snow and I had a blast, skiing more on Friday and Saturday that any other days out here, tons of runs, lots of new things. With a straight week of snow storms I’m sort of in denial – it can’t be spring, we can’t be leaving, it just got fun, I just got better…

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4 thoughts on “Ski Weekend

  1. I know ASH doesn’t wanna hear about feet anymore – but you should see mine. They got all better with the time off and then in the last few days of crazy skiing are worse than they were all winter. So crazy.

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