Don’t Stop

The party continued after dropping the last of our family off at the airport. We hopped in the car after a big cheap Vegas lunch and headed to California.

I think I am still a little CA at heart. MK woke me up from my road nap – seriously, my family didn’t sleep – about 45 minutes out of San Diego. My heart swelled with all the excitement of seeing all the people and places I’d been missing.

We got all set up with the super awesome newlywed B’s. We got in just in time for Taco Tuesday with MR and my brother – seriously, he drove overnight from Vegas and went to work and still came to meet us, my family is crazy – and it was like we never left. I was beyond happy. We ran around seeing friends and eating yummy food all week.

We were there for the Hash, our running club, Red Dress Run. We also played volleyball Thursday and ran the Pink Dress Run on Friday. Down time? What’s that? Three crazy fun days and long nights later it was Red Dress time. My brother joined us, and it was so fun buying him a dress. A couple years back he might punch a guy in a dress, now he gets the funny of it all. I love him for that.

JB and I got all cancan costumed up, got the guys ready, and we headed out. The run was a riot. Smaller than the last two years but just as silly! We said some more hellos and some goodbyes at the Wavehouse on Sunday, and MK had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming.

I mean, our hosts were awesome. Awesome cooks, awesome bartenders. JB let me make soaps with her. And they have a remote with a touchscreen. I wanted to stay forever!


Halloween In Vegas

Las Vegas is always overload to me. There’s so much to see and so much always going on, day and night. Halloween is even crazier! There were some of the most creative costumes you’ve ever seen! Of course, since there were so many people, I can’t even begin to name them all for you. I remember one of my favorite costumes was a couple, a perfecct Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife. I can’t remotely do the experience justice. Everyone everywhere was dressed up and partying.


That was us at the costume pub crawl Friday.

We went to another Hash House Harriers event, the Las Vegas Red Dress Run. It was great to see 200+ people in red dresses. We had Jello Shots, ran by the chapels (you’d be amazed how many people are in to getting married on Halloween) and through the streets and casinos.

My favorite part was at the end of the night when it was just MK and I walking back from the hash. Kids were cracking up at him – the dress made a lot less sense without the other 200+ people around!

MK and I also shopped, explored places we hadn’t been yet, and watched a bunch of football. It was great to see a ton of San Diego friends, make new Las Vegas friends, and even meet some SL,UT hashers to hang out with in Utah!

It’s Not Just Me

If you can even believe it, all this short and sporadic posting isn’t me being lazy, or having too much fun. I’m sorry to have to admit it, but the computer seems to not have been properly fixed. Or fixed at all. The screen keeps crapping out like it used to – and this time around it’s even harder to get it back up and running.

So on top of all that, losing (or was it stolen!??! I think stolen.) my phone was just perfect. The funny thing was that I had it a whole year and that’s pretty average for me. I get a new free one that I’m sitting around waiting for now. Being so unattached to the world literally gave me a panic attack for about an hour, then it was kind of fun. Some of our friends texted MK and we got to go to a giant birthday Monday pool party.

We ran last night for the first time (SDH3 baby!) which was pretty awful for me and made me worry if I’m even going to make it to the end of Red Dress Run’s 5 mile trail. How out of shape you get so fast if you don’t maintain!

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The Running Club Story

When MK and I lived in San Diego last, we joined a running club. Actually, they prefer to think of themselves as “A Drinking Club with a Running Problem”. It was the Larrikins Chapter of the Hash House Harriers. Our first run was the Red Dress Run. Yes, EVERYONE (MK!) wears a red dress. For money I’ll show you the pictures…

There are many dumb reasons I never told you just how hilarious this adventure was. Snippy knows one. My mom is another – it can get a little vulgar over there. Everyone gets a dirty nickname.* There’s a trail you have to find. There’s beer on trail. There’s beer at the end of the trail. There are silly songs to be sung. That about sums it up I think – it’s a general good time. There’s also a volleyball version of the group that meets up during the week, which MK far prefers over running. He’s super excited this time around to return to that group – our new place is within walking distance of where they play.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into beach shape, and using these super duper new and strong ski legs will hopefully make it easy this time around.

A Red Dress Run. To be safe, no one I know.

A Red Dress Run. To be safe, no one I know.


*I’ll share our names with you here – we were fortunate not to get dirty ones. I was named “Depreciating Asset” in reference to this story here. MK was named “No Beer, I’m Queer”** by the hash (there’s a big voting group ceremony after your 6th run where you get named by the mob). The club drinks beer. MK does not. Pretty funny.

**I’m pretty sure that when my Dad was preening me to become the SUPER AWESOMEST WIFE EVER he had no idea I’d end up with a man that hates watching sports and drinking beer. I couldn’t believe it. When I first heard of the concept of marriage – all I looked forward to was the nights at home on the couch with a 6 (12) pack and a delivered pizza, watching the game. Huh. At least I was cool for a little while in college.

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